16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

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In case you didn’t know… There are actually some fun facts about sleep. It’s not just the thing you do at night… or in the morning… or all day… 

I have not been able to sleep at all lately, and when I do it’s like a fitful sleep and I’m tossing and turning, or I am so hot, and then I break into a cold sweat or this or that etc. So, I thought I would write a blog post about sleep, because it’s all I can think about or want to do. I’ll be so tired, but won’t be able to fall asleep or I’ll sleep for ten hours and feel like I didn’t even get any.

Here are 16 fun facts

Sleep is absolutely essential for every human being. Despite scientists still not figuring out the process entirely we still not a lot about this daily activity. Every mammal, bird, and most reptiles, amphibians, and fish require sleep to function. Here are 16 things you probably never knew about sleep.

1. What goes on when you sleep: your brain recharges, your cells repair themselves, your body release important hormones.

2. You need different amounts of sleep depending on your age: 

  • Babies : 1 hours
  • age 3-12 : 10 hours
  • age 13-18 : 10 hours
  • age 19-55 : 8 hours
  • over 65 : 6 hours

3. Men have dreams about other men 70% of the time. But women dream about women and men equally.

4. We can only dream about faces we have already seen, whether or not we actively remember them or not.

5. Parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder that makes you do unnatural movements despite being asleep. Crimes committed on parasomnia include: sleep driving, writing bad checks, murder, child molesting, and rape.

6. 12% of people dream only in black and white. This number used to be higher but since the advent of color television more people dream in color than before.

7. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream generally have personality disorders.

8. Sleep positions determine your personality. The most common positions:

  • Fetal – 41% People are gruff initial, but have warm and open hearts
  • Log – 15% social butterflies
  • The Yearner – 13% perceived as open, but truly suspicious
  • Soldier – 8% reserved
  • Freefall – 7% fun and fantastic at parties
  • Starfish – 5% excellent listeners

9. 1 in 4 married couples sleep in separate beds.

10. British soldiers were the first to develop a method in staying up 36 hours without sleep. When fatigued, they put on special visors that emulated the brightness of a sunrise and it woke them up.

11. Longest Sleeping Mammals:

  • Koalas – 22 hours a day
  • Brown Bat – 19.9 hours a day
  • Pangolins – 18 hours a day

Shortest Sleep Mammals:

  • Giraffes – 1.9 hours a day (in 5-10 minute sessions)
  • Roe Deer – 3.09 hours a day
  • Asiatic Elephant – 3.1 hours a day

12. When dolphins sleep, only half their brain shuts down. The other half stays awak to help with breathing cycles.

13. You’ll die from sleep deprivation before food deprivation. It takes 2 weeks to starve, but 10 days without sleep can kill you.

14. Blind people can still see images in dreams. Those born blind experience dreams involving emotion, sound, smell, and touch instead of sight.

15. Within 5 minutes of waking up 50% of your dream is forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone.

16. 1 out of 50 teenagers still wet their beds.



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