Manage Your Emotions

3 Simple Tips to Help Manage Your Emotions

No matter how much we’d sometimes like them to be, emotions are inescapable, unavoidable, and sometimes next to intolerable. If you happen to be among the living (which if you’re currently reading this I assume you are but if you’re not, then your internet skills are truly most impressive), you cannot escape emotions. Emotions are pure, valuable bundles of energy which, if channelized properly, can result in a lot of good.

When they’re balanced, emotions are the perfect horses of life to be ridden. They’re biologically designed to keep us aware of our surroundings and interactions in life and remind us to be alert when necessary.

But what if they have the reverse affect on you?

Imagine how disastrous it would be if your emotions were always prevalent and always in charge of you, rampaging uncontrollably. Think about times that you got angry and shouted at the top of your lungs at someone. Remember that rage you felt coursing through your veins? How did you feel after that? Or, how about the time someone criticized you so hard and ruthlessly that you ended up in tears? Maybe you even ended up second guessing yourself from then forward or even slid down into depression.

Did you happen to stop and question why these fairly simple triggers left you in absolute misery? Well, the reason is that your emotions became unhealthy and destructive the moment you weren’t able to manage them. Instead of complimenting your life and being a guide and close friend, they became your enemy.

Disasters and traumatic events such as domestic violence, abuse, and murders falling close to home can give rise to unhealthy emotions as well. Even college life can give students emotional challenges. However, there are some simple and effective ways to manage your emotions and we’re going to discuss three of them today.

Channel Negative Emotions

Shot of becoming a hermit, there’s virtually NO way to avoid every single event in life that makes you feel angry, hurt, resentful, or otherwise upset. These are emotions, which when allowed to bottle up and fester, can build up to the point that they actually disrupt your normal functioning. This is exactly why you need to learn how to channel them properly.

Whenever you feel a torrent of emotions, find some useful activity to redirect it. This may be going for a walk or a run or maybe something energetic and creative. There has been research that has shown there’s a direct connection between emotional intelligence and emotional control. The more you can learn harness your emotion, the higher your emotional intelligence is. So, when you’re better able to channel your negative emotions into something positive, the better you’ll be at facing the challenges life tends to throw your way.

For example, anger, can be used to fight for a good cause. This enables you to forcefully work on the issue until the issue is more favorable. In fact, finding a balance in your emotions between anger and happiness can be quite useful when it comes to handling disputes.

Meditate to Manage Your Emotions

Throw what you think you know about meditation out the window. Spending time every morning and evening to properly meditate is a great way to learning how to manage your emotions. Developing proper meditation habits teaches you to learn calming methods and empowers you with the ability to just watch thoughts flow by. This enables you to stop responding to needless and unnecessary thoughts that provoke you into emotional responses.


Another great way to manage your emotions is to make reflection a daily habit. This will help you understand your response to certain triggers and the reasons for that particular response. Once you understand this, it can help you better manage your response to that trigger. The next time you’re faced with that particular issue, subject, object, or individual, you’re mentally prepared for the kind of reaction they incite in you and you’re less likely to respond as rashly as before.

Learning how to manage your emotions takes time and a determination to make this positive change in your life. However, doing so is not only going to free you from your emotions controlling you, you’ll be wiser and healthier as well.

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