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7 Tips to Survive and Thrive From Unexpected Career Changes

Some people say they are downsized, furloughed, or fired. Unexpected career changes happen all the time and it could be for several reasons. Job performance is within our control and if we don’t do what’s expected within the job description – well, that’s on us. But there are many instances where those unexpected job changes are outside of our control. The company could be downsizing or restructuring. Maybe that triggers furloughs, demotions, or the pink slip and escort out the door.

How do we pivot and recover from potential ruin when the job we rely on is no longer there?

Change Sucks

I don’t know a single person who likes change. We get into our comfy zones and become attached to the status quo. Change often comes with a level of upheaval and yet, it is a constant that we can guarantee.

Naturally, we don’t always know what is going to change or which direction it’s going to push us in but it happens and we need to accept it. Yes, change sucks. Now we pivot, survive and thrive because the alternative is not acceptable.

7 Tips to Survive Unexpected Career Changes

I don’t know about you but my parents and grandparents defined their identity around their career. They had the benefit of working with a company for decades. These days, it seems that longevity at any one company is rare. With an ever-changing work dynamic, our mindset needs to switch gears a little faster.

Let’s get something straight.

You are not your job title nor your occupation. You are defined by your office space or the size of your savings account or stocks. Changes in your career do not define you as a human being. How you pivot and go over, under or through life’s hurdles is what defines your character.

Here are seven things to survive and thrive when those unexpected career changes happen.

1. I’m Possible

When it feels like the world as you know it is falling apart and the next step looks like an impossible abyss to jump, keep telling yourself I’M POSSIBLE. That apostrophe is a placeholder for you in the I AM.

2. Be Open

To be open is to be receptive to the changing circumstances. When your eyes are open you can see the landscape and forge a path ahead. Be open to inspiration, direction, and opportunity.

3. Assess

Review everything that led to the change in your circumstances. Business owners hate to let people go but they are fighting for survival too. Often it’s not personal. Once you’re over the butt hurt, assess your finances from savings to income and expenses. Do you have a little breathing room or do you need to hustle right now? Assess your situation and act accordingly.

4. Get Your Ducks in a Row

You did the assessment of your finances. Now it’s time to freshen up your resume and get your references lined up. If you left the previous company on good terms, see if they will write you a letter of recommendation. Practice with friends to get your interviewing skills up to par again. You’re prepping for the next step. Get your ducks in a row now so you don’t have to play catch-up later.

5. Dare to Dream

When you’re looking at your options, don’t omit your dream job or business idea. Is it reasonable or sound? Have you been working on a business plan to assess the viability of moving in a new direction? Dreams can come true if you’re willing to put in the work. What’s holding you back from submitting an application to the dream job or launching your business? Be honest with your answers because you ultimately have to live with the decision but never lose sight of your dreams.

6. Listen

Listen to your gut instinct and listen to mentors, friends, and people who are successful. As you pick yourself up from an unexpected career change, it’s okay to lick your wounds and let others cheer you on. Listening is where you learn.

7. Explore

Never be afraid to explore new avenues. You know the saying, “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.” If you are diversifying your talent across a few platforms or income streams, you never know which one will take off. Several people have turned their hobbies into full time work. Explore your options. Sometimes your skill set fits perfectly in a different line of work. It all depends on your willingness to explore the possibilities and pivot to make it happen.

Career changes, especially unexpected ones, are scary and really rock our world. It’s okay to mourn the loss if you have the luxury of taking your time to find other employment. Otherwise, it’s time for a renaissance.

Say it over and over again until you believe it.


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