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9 Great Ways to Make Him Want You

He loves me… he loves me not. He loves me… he loves me n….. Okay, we’ve all been there. The tried-and-true daisy-plucking pastime has been around for ages and there’s a really good reason why — because men have always been and always will be… fickle. More often than not, to make him want you, you have to play a game of cat and mouse in order to corral them in the first place, but that doesn’t deter the best of us. Hell, that’s half the fun sometimes. Besides, some day in the future you’ll be old and married, and reminiscing about the fun you had back in the good ol’ dating days is always a fun trip down memory lane.

Until then, play that game of cat and mouse!

But remember… Wild One’s are always the cat!

Here’s a few tips that’ll help get you noticed and make him want you.

9 Ways to Make Him Want You

1. Have Your Own Life

The first thing you have to know is that you have to have your own likes and interests. Have friends, hobbies, and things you like to do alone. Being a whole person all on your own is one of the best ways to attract a guy. Having interests that you pursue and are passionate about, other than him, is going to make you a lot more interesting.

2. Dress the Part

If you want to make a certain man desire you, you have to make an effort to look nice. This works twofold because as most women can attest, you actually feel better about yourself and have more confidence when you take the time to “primp.” You want man that looks nice, don’t you? The same way that you’re more attracted to a man who takes care of his appearance, dress the part and strut your stuff if you want him to want you.

3. Set Boundaries

You shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of your time and effort, but that goes double for any man that you’re truly interested in. Let him know that if he’s late or cancels plans, you’re not going sit around. The same goes for not being afraid to say no. If he wants you to do something that you’re not comfortable with, let him know that it’s not an option. Being adventurous and going outside of your comfort zone can be fun, exhilarating, and broaden your horizons but if you’re truly not comfortable, you should be comfortable saying no. Setting boundaries from the word go shows that you’re not a “push over,” weak, or desperate.

4. Ask Meaningful Questions

Trust me on this, guys can tell when you’re into them and really listening to what they’re saying and they’re impressed when a woman can speak their language. Don’t know much (or anything) about things like football, superhero movies, or anime? What’s the easiest way to learn something? Ask questions. Prove that you want to get to know him better by actually listening and asking relevant questions and save yourself from any embarrassing misstatements down the road.

5. Have a Signature Scent

Men love when a woman smells great. Find a fragrance that compliments you and while you never want to overdo it, wear it whenever you’re together. Charlize has Dior. Marilyn had Chanel No. 5; Rocking your signature scent will give you a boost of confidence (and pheromones!), and do wonders as far as getting his engine going.

6. Make Him Work for It

As we all learned in Biology class, or maybe it was Sociology, men are genetically programmed to be hunters. They enjoy a good chase. Don’t give in so quickly or make things too easy for him, and remember you don’t always have to be readily available. That doesn’t mean be aloof or play impossible to get, just make him work for it a little bit and he’ll want you all the more.

7. Practice Good Posture

I know, this one sounds a little silly and a bit simplistic, but along with numbers 2 & 5 (dressing the part and having a signature scent) putting on a great pair of heels and standing a little straighter with your chest out is not only great self confidence booster, it’s certain to attract his attention as well as that of those around you. Strut your stuff like a peacock flaunting their beautiful feathers, stand up straight, smile proudly, and let him see you shine.

8. Try New Things

While I said in number 3 that you should never be afraid to say no to things you aren’t comfortable with, I wanted to stress again that you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. If he does ask you to participant in an activity or event that you’re unfamiliar with, take a chance and go with it. If it sounds fun, try it. If it IS fun, try it again.

9. Build Him Up

Alright ladies, as we all know, men are fragile creatures with pretty delicate egos. Don’t be afraid to boost him up every now and again. You don’t have to turn into a giggling school girl that laughs at every single one of his corny jokes, but definitely recognize him when he makes an effort.

Got it? Made a mental note of these 9 tips to make him want you?

Good! Now go get your man!

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