A Little Brag… and a Little Advice

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This post has two purposes. First, I want to brag a little, but I also want you to realize that you can find more accomplishments to brag about yourself if you do a little work on it.

I got an A on my Chem Test!!!

wildoneforever.com, wildoneforever, wildone forever, A Little Brag... and a Little Advice, Lifestyle, Self-Help
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I actually got the highest score in my class. THAT is probably the first and only time that will ever happen for me in Chemistry. Actually it just makes me realize that when I actually try, I can actually understand chem.

Secretly I’m smarter than most people think I am. Sad. Anyway, just thought I’d brag a little bit, because usually I’m terrible at chem! I surprised myself just as much as I surprised the people who know me. So this is how I feel inside right now! Yay!

Now for the advice…

Don’t fool yourself. Some people have no trouble learning new things. They seem to just understand it, whatever “it” is and don’t have to work hard to get there. Others have to work to learn new things. They aren’t incapable, they just have to focus more on learning than others.

If you need to work to learn new things and get good grades, guess what? It’s well worth it. Even if it means you can’t go to the clubs with your friends or you have to wait for that cool movie to come out on streaming services, it’s still worth it.

You’ll have more than enough time focus on fun later, after you have succeeded in learning what you need to learn. That’s AFTER, not before. Got it?

This advice might not seem terribly exciting. Maybe it feels like a no-brainer, something that you should already know. But, it is also something we forget. Take my advice and watch your self-satisfaction go up accompanied by a drastic increase in confidence. Really!

Oh, and I’ll tell you a little secret. Success is addicting. Once you’ve succeeded in some aspect of your life, whether it be grades, work, or something else, you want to repeat it. The rush makes you feel so good, you want to do it again… and again…

Come on in, the water’s fine! Take my advice and then let me know what your experiences are. I really want to know!

Maybe this won’t be my only A in Chemistry. What do you think?

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