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Are You Too Picky?

Where have all the good men gone?

We ask that question all the time. We wonder if they are all taken or not interested in women. Most of the men who are available are rude, crude, and childish. Is it really that hard to find “Mr. Right” or are you not seeing your “Mr. Right” because you’ve dismissed him based on something superficial?

Think about the guys you’ve met in the past, guys to whom you were strongly attracted. At first, they seem just about perfect. Then you find that one thing that you can’t ignore; that one thing that you simply can’t ignore. Before you know it, another relationship bites the dust.

My question is, is this one thing really enough to end the relationship or… are you being too picky?

Let me make myself clear here. You should have standards and follow them. However, if the one thing wrong with him is that he doesn’t like to watch Rom-coms on the couch, think twice. On one hand, if he truly doesn’t meet your standards, there is a huge difference between something mildly annoying and something terrible.

Every woman has a list of traits that she finds perfect and another list of the traits she won’t tolerate. But don’t let that list cause you to miss out on what could be a perfect romance. If your friends have told you that you are too picky, take a look at the following list and see if maybe you have set your expectations too high.

You may be too picky if…

You judge a potential partner on looks alone

Personality is more important than looks. I know, you want to want him, want him to make your heart beat faster, but perfect looks isn’t what it takes. If he is so stupid that he’s not sure where the sun goes at night, his cute butt isn’t going to keep your attention forever.

You expect your partner will never let you down

Sorry, but there is no such thing as perfect. Even with the best of intentions, things happen. Messages go astray, people forget, and cars break down. No matter how hard he tries, there will come a time when he fails to follow through on your expectations. Be fair and don’t simply kick him to the curb because he forgot your five-month anniversary.

Remind yourself of all the things he did remember, all the things he did do, and be grateful and don’t forget the times you’ve let him down. It is a two-way street after all. Be real.

You won’t date a man who isn’t your “type”

What is your type? Do you know?

Unless your “type” is simply male, maybe you’re missing out. If you only date blonds with perfect muscles, you are limiting yourself. Maybe try to forget about your favorite “type” and just look for a partner who attracts you physically and emotionally. You never know who you will find if you pay attention.

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