Amanda Koprowski

Amanda Koprowski
Amanda Koprowski spent nearly ten years working in non-profits and community organizations before deciding to pursue a career in her primary passion, writing. She previously worked as an editor for Drama Around the Globe, ABF Journal and Monitor, having written and edited articles on such eclectic topics as Marxist actors, women in equipment financing and lawyers who specialize in turnaround management for troubled companies. She currently contributes articles to Amanda lives in Philadelphia, with two cats, several bottles of wine and an embarrassing number of books.

Friday Five: Five Atypical Christmas Movies (That Aren’t Die Hard)

Last time, we eased into the holidays with some traditional (and not-so-traditional) music to get you in the seasonal mood. This week, we’ll take full aim at the subject and dive into some Christmas movies.

Friday Five: Five Songs to Get You in the Holiday Mood

Thanksgiving is over - barely - and December hasn't quite started yet, but let's face it: the winter holidays are here. While this year's...

Friday Five: Five Remakes Better Than the Originals

Last week we took a look at some song covers that managed to outshine the originals. This week, we're going to turn back to film and television as we examine that most dreaded of all Hollywood products: the remake.

Friday Five: Five Song Covers Better Than the Original

There's a lot to be said for an original, whether it's a book, a painting, a film or a song. And the creator of said original always deserves credit for first bringing those ideas to the public. However, sometimes the version that most sticks in a person's mind isn't the original, but the copy.

Friday Five: Five Horror Films Directed by Women

We've finally hit Halloween weekend and that means one last look at some seasonally spooky films.

Friday Five: Five Iconic Final Girls

We're back to continue our Halloween-themed lists with a focus not on films but character. Specifically, one of the most famous character types in all of horror: the final girl.

Friday Five: Five Bloody Good Zom Coms

You may have noticed in our list of best horror-comedies there was a distinct lack of one type of horror villain: the zombie!

Friday Five: Five Hysterical Horror-Comedies

It's October and that means we're counting down to your humble columnist's absolute favorite holiday: Halloween!

Friday Five: Five Times TV Shows Went Meta

If last week was an examination of what happens when films break through the fourth wall, this week, it’s time take it a step further and look at what happens when TV shows go fully meta.

Friday Five: Five Great Films Narrated by Their Own Main Character

With Enola Holmes set to hit Netflix next week, adding another fourth wall-breaking narrator to film canon, now seems like a good time to look back on some other movies where the main character spent just as much time talking to the audience as they did to the rest of the cast.

Friday Five: Five Fantastic Standalone Fantasy Films

Sure, boy wizards and hobbits are great, but for those of us with shorter attention spans, here are five great fantasy films that aren't quite so time-consuming.

Friday Five: Five 21st Century Female Badasses

From superheroes to assassins, military leaders to rig drivers, cinema of the last twenty years has striven to present women in all their punch-‘em-up glory, so here’s a list of some new icons for little girls (and boys) to look up to.

Friday Five: Five Great Animated Films (Not Made by Disney)

Tired of hearing "Let It Go" for the billionth time? Why not try out some of these non-Disney animated films instead?

Friday Five: Five TV Shows to Binge When You’re Feeling Down

2020 has been a year of primarily two things: lots of free time and lots of isolation (and, well, murder hornets, because we truly live in the weirdest timeline).

Friday Five: Five Unexpected Films from Female Directors

While it probably isn’t a terrible surprise to find out Little Women or Selma were directed by women, female directors have contributed far more unusual and wilder movies to the Hollywood canon.

Friday Five: Five Underrated Chick Flicks

Welcome to Friday Five, a new column dedicated to all things pop culture. Every week, we’ll put together five recommendations for you from the worlds of film, television, books and music, each curated to a different theme.

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