Courtney Raphael

Courtney Raphael
Courtney Raphael is a writer, designer, and psychology enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. Courtney has always been a creative soul, dabbling in every activity she could get my hands on. Soccer, dance, basketball, music, hiking, painting, color guard...but at heart, she's always felt like creativity was her calling. She uses her passion in art, technology, and psychology to tell the story of humanity. She strives to help people understand themselves and teach them how to reach their goals.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Aesthetic

Aesthetic is more than just how you look. It embodies you as a whole, in who you are, what you do, and how you...

How to Understand Our Partners in Romantic Relationships

Ah, I can see it now. The age-old scene from one of those cheesy rom-coms where the well-build heartthrob male character does something stupid,...

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