Jennifer Drexler

Jennifer Drexler
Jennifer Drexler is a Disney performer, dance professional, IT Project management, to all-encompassing Administrative professional; a "Jenn of all trades." She is sharing her experience, stories, recipes, and travel. When not working or traveling, this vintage junkie is dancing in her mom cave to the tunes in her '62 Seeburg Jukebox. Jennifer currently lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and her dog Buddy.

Dropping Bombs… Spicy Chicken Bombs! A Tantalizing Explosive Dish

Here is a fun, FLEXIBLE and fantastically delicious recipe that's packed full of veggies, believe it or not! Yes, I know chicken...

The Ultimate and Coveted Crème Puff!

Time to stuff your puff! There are many types of crème puffs in the world and there are also many ways...

Boopa’s Pasta Chicken Salad Recipe

Nothing screams summer like my Boopa's Pasta Chicken Salad. It is NOT your typical chicken salad. This dish is so versatile you...

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