Natalia Lefter

Natalia Lefter
Natalia has always been a sponge for new information. With a fascination in psychology and a desire to keep learning, she's build her life around digging deeper. Through books and conversations, her focus is to always keep learning and sharing her findings with her readers.

The Auto-Fill Concept In Our Romantic Lives & How To Avoid Disappointment

Recently, as we get closer and closer to artificial intelligence and the world being run by robots, I’ve been thinking a lot about our...

Quarantine Inspired Self-Discovery – Who Are You Lately?

Gather round children and let me tell you about my time in quarantine and my unplanned journey of self-discovery. It has now been 8 months...

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Screw You

I apologize for the clickbait title but I literally picked up a screw in the road while I was on DAY 9 of my...

Oh, This Chinny Chin Chin! And Other Gripes

I hate it. I hate my chinny chin chin - all three of them. Most of the time I keep the camera angle up...

Challenge Within A Challenge Within A Challenge

This whole challenge thing has gotten out of hand - kind of. I mean... I did it to myself but my thinking is to...

The Great and Elusive Pumpkin Roll Recipe Rediscovered

It is the Great and Elusive Pumpkin Roll that is bold and bursting with Fall flavors, and I am so happy that I have...

Mania and Giraffe Kisses – Day 4/30

What a relief! I feel so much better than I did yesterday. I am still not well-rested because I seem to have gotten back...
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