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Challenge Within A Challenge Within A Challenge

This whole challenge thing has gotten out of hand – kind of. I mean… I did it to myself but my thinking is to work as efficiently as possible. If I’m doing one challenge, then technically I can say I’m doing hella more challenges because it’s all tied together.

On Friday, I vlogged about every day being DAY. Doesn’t matter if it’s MonDAY, TuesDAY or FriDAY – it’s just DAY. It’s the perk and challenge of working from home and absolutely loving what I do. There is DAY and SLEEP.

But I digress.

Multiple Tasks with Minimal Effort

In addition to doing the health challenge, which is to exercise every day – and I have not missed a day – I’m also doing the Apple Cider Vinegar challenge.

But while I was doing that I was like, well, since I’m keeping track of my progress, I might as well get on camera and log some vlogging hours and compliment the articles that I’m writing.

And yes, I’m using these posts as a word count toward NaNoWriMo. Okay… That might be a little bit of a cheat because I’m not writing toward my book BUT I am writing and that’s the point of the damned thing, isn’t it?

Well, not really – it’s supposed to be used toward writing 50K words toward your book but I did say that it was a little cheat. Writing 1667 words a day on one project is NOT easy and my book is not that long so…

What’s the count for challenges within the challenge?

Fitness, ACV, writing/WriMo, vlogging; that’s four and that’s not bad at all.

Is it FriYAY when every day is DAY?

Package Reveals

If you watched the video you might see a pile of brown packages behind me. Those are some of the crowdfunds that I’ve supported and haven’t gotten to opening. What can I say? It’s been a little busy around here!

I promised that I was going to share them here on WildOne Forever.

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Haus of Bob Vol. 1

by Daphne Lage

This sketch books is for adults only and it’s definitely adult even though she might be cute. I don’t personally know anyone who is into furries but who am I to judge? I used to have a HUGE crush on Lion-O from Thundercats so, there’s that.

She’s got a great YouTube channel. You should check her out!

Guano Guy, comic books, Meredith Loughran, Geek Insider, WildOne Forever, Geek, merej99

Guano Guy

Mark Darden

Even though I had read the PDF version of the first issue of Guano Guy, I wanted to get caught up with his series. Yes, I know guano means bat shit. Despite the name, this series is geared more toward the 13+ age group and it’s a fun read.

Follow Guano Guy on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Do you like this GEEK content?

I feel like a canoe on the ocean sometimes when it comes to content. Part of that is because I work in a lot of areas and hate limiting myself to any one field. What better way to cross-pollinate between what I do at Geek Insider and sharing life and business stuff here?

When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

That’s kind of my journey into comic books. At nearly 50-years old, I’m making comic books! CRAZY, right? I basically tripped into comic books and the community grabbed me and dragged me all the way in. It’s so cool to find “MY PEOPLE”; the creatives: writers, illustrators, advocates, marketers, business-minded, hella talented people. Where I am learning from some, I find myself mentoring others. It’s so fulfilling that I wake up every day looking forward to networking with these people – My People.

Saturday Vlog: Getting Unplugged

It was SO NICE taking a day to be completely UNPLUGGED. I turned off the TV, the computer, my phones… I wrote longhand, read a little and napped a lot. I didn’t even want to vlog, which is why I’m in the dark on DAY 6. I committed to livestreaming every day and this was it.

It was nice to have a few of my friends pop in to chat while I was livestreaming. I figured everyone would be in bed by that time!

I think my body is still getting acclimated to exercising and eating better. Have I mentioned that my coffee consumption is pretty much down to ONE CUP of coffee? I can hardly believe it. I LOVE COFFEE!

The ACV is helping to curb the desire for coffee but it’s also responsible for my midday slump. These split shift sleep patterns are cutting into my daylight hours. I can’t write when I’m sleeping! Just sayin’.

Health & Wellness Journal

Technically this is my Friday post but I wanted to give you an update on the challenge within the challenge within the… you know…

Going strong without missing a day on the slow jog. If you don’t know what that is, check out my DAY 1 post. There’s a great video with an old dude staying in shape. If he can do it, I can do it!

I’m doing well on the Apple Cider Vinegar challenge too. My coffee consumption is way down to where I don’t really miss coffee – but I sure do feel it when my energy is GONE during the 3 PM Slump.

I haven’t missed a day with vlogging either. On my YouTube channel, you might notice that I didn’t record on Sunday but I did livestream earlier in the day with Sunday Comics Brunch.

I’m also writing every day. It’s something but not all toward my book. Note to self: Turn off all electronics and focus on ONE tab. It’s too easy to become distracted or pulled into conversations. Shut it down. They will understand.

That’s the weekend update for days 5, 6 and 7! I’ll have a separate post for the Monday, Week Two thoughts.

Featured image source: Pixabay

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