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Cloudberries Launches World’s First Crowdsourced Puzzle

Planet-friendly puzzle company lets fellow nerds work together to create latest puzzle image

LONDON, UK – Puzzle nerds around the globe are being invited to help create the world’s first crowdsourced jigsaw puzzle design, using a fun, free tool on the Cloudberries website.

The aim of the innovative new puzzle project, which launches this weekend, is to test a theory called the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The idea is that when large groups of people are brought together, they’re much smarter and better at innovating than individual experts, and better at designing things, too.

October 25, 2020 Launch!

Puzzlers can take part by choosing a shape from a predefined grid on their website on October 20, 2020 when it launches. Then, they can choose which colour they’d like their section of the puzzle to be. Entries will be submitted in isolation, so participants won’t be able to see which colour neighbouring sections have been given, or whether their submission ‘fits in’ with the rest of the design.

“We decided to test this theory in the bravest way possible – by letting hundreds of puzzlers design our next jigsaw together. We don’t know how the final puzzle will look, but once the design is finished, we will be launching it as a real-life Cloudberries puzzle.”

Steve Vickers, Co-Founder – Cloudberries

Once all sections of the puzzle have been coloured in, Cloudberries will reveal the final design and print it on a limited run of 500-piece puzzles. The people who help design the puzzle will be able to buy it before anyone else, and Cloudberries will – as with all its jigsaw designs – plant a tree for every puzzle sold. All Cloudberries puzzles are made here in Europe with sustainably sourced paper and board.

“We’re on a mission to rid the world of boring jigsaw puzzles, and whatever the outcome, this new design will be a fun addition to our line of awesome puzzles,” says Vickers. We can’t wait to see what happens when we invite puzzle nerds from all around the globe to help make jigsaw puzzle history!”

About Cloudberries

Founded in the UK, Cloudberries creates beautiful, colourful jigsaw puzzles especially for grown ups. The puzzles are made in Europe with sustainably sourced paper and board, and in January 2020, Cloudberries pledged to plant a tree for every puzzle sold. This helps support reforestation projects in some of the world’s most fragile ecosystems, and provides sustainable, long-term jobs for local communities. You can find out more about Cloudberries and its pledge at:

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