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Cobble, Innovative Decision-Making App for Couples, Debuts Summer 2020

Life for couples is about to get a lot easier, and a lot more exciting, with the release of Cobble, a new decision-making app to answer the age-old question ‘What are we doing tonight?”. Couples independently swipe (right for yes, left for no) on our curated date night content. When both people in a relationship swipe right, it’s a match! Then we make it easy to follow through: make reservations, buy tickets, order in, chat, and more. Since we launched 10 days ago, there have been over 60K swipes!

Female founder, Jordan Scott, is a ‘date night entrepreneur’ passionate about couples deepening their connection by taking a familiar framework in dating (swiping) and applying it to relationships (only matching with each other on how you spend your time, energy, and money together!). “Once you’re in a relationship, your life is a series of decisions you are making together,” says Scott. Cobble aims to facilitate those decisions.  
See how Cobble works in 1 minute: https://vimeo.com/369872120 

wildoneforever.com, wildoneforever, wildone forever, Cobble, Innovative Decision-Making App for Couples, Debuts Summer 2020, Love and Sex, Relationships

What Is Cobble?

Cobble matches couples with restaurants, bars, events or other activities that they can enjoy together. Says founder Jordan Scott: “We’re trying to make it easier for couples to make decisions, communicate in general…it’s very key to the success of most relationships.” According to Ms. Scott, good communication results in “happier, healthier relationships.”

Cobble is the manifestation from 55K+ couples using its predecessor idk tonight to find new, local experiences and actually do them together. Says Ms. Scott: “Cobble is designed to keep couples satisfied and help them enjoy each other in ways they wouldn’t otherwise discover. Helping them rediscover and remember why they’re together.”  

Cobble’s curated date plans include a combination of dinner, drinks, and original experiences. Using Cobble, couples can find new things to do and discover new mutual interests. Perhaps most excitingly, Cobble has just added a special “Outdoor Dining” filter so couples can swipe and match on the most relevant options. 
Other features of Cobble include:

  • Discover date night suggestions designed for couples of all cultural backgrounds, religions, races, orientations and ethnicities.
  • View matches on a map so when you’re in the thick of a ‘hangry’ fight, you can walk to the nearest match.
  • Filter plans by location, price, and date for a more customized experience.
  • Have fun naming dates by custom titles.
  • Share unique dates with your couple friends.
  • Easily export dates to personal calendars—Apple, Google or Outlook.
  • Keep track of date night stats, like how many places visited in a month.

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“We all communicate over text, Slack, DM, email, etc. We all have lists lying around IRL and virtually for cool things and places, but there’s no clear space just for couples where you know what you want to do next, you never forget what you loved and what you didn’t, and you can discuss and make decisions all in one place.” says Jordan. 

Cobble provides an in-app messaging system so couples can easily chat about their matches and make a decision while viewing the app together. Couples can also customize their joint profile with photos, anniversary, favorite neighborhoods and more. Smart notifications enable couples to view reservations and ticket purchases, so they’ll never forget who made the arrangements. Couples can also schedule, collaborate and edit dates together—with one picking the restaurant, and another picking the event.

Cobble is…sexy. If ever there was a time to explore your partner’s desires, it’s now. From curious to kink, Cobble can help couples keep the spice in the relationship when they match on tips, tricks, toys, positions and BDSM experiences to try out.

New, Enhanced Features for “the new normal”

Like Cobble’s predecessor, idk tonight, Cobble’s date night suggestions will continue to prioritize small businesses post COVID-19, promoting content and experiences from local businesses to virtual classes. With many couples staying indoors, Cobble has enhanced and extended its content. Now couples can use Cobble to make decisions about what to do at home. New categories include: Film & TV, Cooking & Baking, Takeout & Delivery, Activities, and Virtual Events.

Cobble also has featured filters for outdoor dining spots, black-owned businesses, and LGBT businesses.

A list of diverse businesses you’ll find on Cobble: Ponty Bistro, Tsion Cafe, Mikey Likes It, Ode To Babel, Dick and Jane’s, Yatenga, Urban Vegan Kitchen, Sweet Science, The Crabby Shack, Buka, Ruby’s Vintage Harlem, Cafe Rue Dix, SISTERS, Sylvia’s, Ital Kitchen, 67 Orange Street, Bunna Cafe, Lolos Seafood Shack, Red Rooster, Peaches Hot House, and more.  Our Couple Critics Weigh InCobble’s decision making technology helps the mental health of relationships by easing the stress of “figuring it all out”. Couples who use Cobble gain more emotional fulfillment that a date night offers in getting to know each other all over again. 

“The sleek, minimalist design of the app makes for a very user-friendly and easy on the eyes experience. Cobble has a sweet, playful vibe with a wide variety of date ideas that are sure to satisfy you and your lover.” — Jessica McCarthy 
“Finally an app for people who are in a relationship but still want to explore and have fun together. I love how easy it is to use and the different prompts get us talking about things we wouldn’t otherwise.” – Kate Zimmerman 

 “Don’t use it when you’re hungry! This has so many appetizing dining options I’m swiping right continuously. I’ve already had multiple matches with my wife. It’s incredible. We found a few great places only blocks away from us that we never knew were even there. This App is going to change our lives!”” — App Store Review 

“Life after the swipe” is the slogan founder Jordan Scott created to describe her innovative couples-focused app. 

 “So often I would look at dating apps and think ‘where’s our app?!’ It’s as if once you commit to a relationship and ‘graduate’ from dating apps, you’ve completed society’s intentions and there’s no more problems down the road. Anyone in a relationship knows this is completely untrue. Not to mention, it’s really fun to swipe. It’s about time we get to swipe too.” Jordan says.

Total number of swipes since it’s quarantine launch is 68,689! 

Cobble is available for download in the Apple app store with a focus on virtual events and activities while we all stay safe at home. 

 New cities are launching soon and will be announced on www.trycobble.com

About Cobble
The Cobble app is the manifestation of thousands of couples using idktonight, an editorial site and brand that features cool, exciting local experiences. Now, Cobble is taking that great content and bringing it to the next level. 
The strength of the app is rooted in founder, Jordan Scott, a date night entrepreneur who is passionate about couples deepening their connection by taking a familiar framework in dating and applying it to relationships. 
Couples will experience the beauty of swiping right with their partner on restaurants to try, shows to watch, books to read, recipes to cook, NSFW toys to play with, and more,

About Jordan Scott, Founder of CobbleBusinesswoman, date night entrepreneur and start-up guru Jordan Scott began her career with an innovator’s spirit! After graduating from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and taking internships at Yahoo!, Cosmopolitan and NBC, Jordan became a news associate at CBS This Morning. It didn’t take long before Jordan left to pursue her idea for a start-up business. In 2017, Jordan created idk tonight, a website and newsletter that provides NYC couples with curated date night plans. idk tonight creates content to help couples answer the timeless question: “What do you want to do tonight?”

After winning NYU x New York Jets No Huddle Challenge and Entrepreneur Magazine’s LIVE 5-minute pitch competition, Jordan has continued to evolve in being a first mover in technology for couples, with the launch of the Cobble app. Cobble is a mobile app to help couples identify date night ideas at home or in their local city. Couples swipe left for no, right for yes. When both couples swipe right, it’s a match! The Cobble app serves as an extension of Jordan’s mission to help couples find greater satisfaction in their relationships while sharing memorable experiences that bring higher meaning to their lives. 

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