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Do You Have A Confession? We Want to Know

Letter from the Editor:
Hello, WildOnes.

I wanted to quickly introduce myself and officially present my pet project: A section in WildOne Forever called CONFESSIONS.

I am Meredith Loughran, editor-in-chief of WildOne Forever; content creator, writer, humorist, podcast and livestreamer, social media addict, and 100% coffee dependent.

I tell people there is ink in my veins because of my lifelong love of storytelling. We all have stories to tell… Sometimes we feel like we cannot tell them. WHY?

That segues perfectly into what CONFESSIONS is all about.

WildOne Forever, Meredith Loughran

The definition of “confession” is a formal statement admitting to guilt or admission. It could be some thing that was done in the past that gives the feeling of shame or embarrassment. Conversely, it could be something that is concealed from the public view because reputations must be protected. Confessions can also be humorous intimations of one’s public or private life.

Have you ever felt like telling someone – anyone – about the thing you did but were afraid of what people might think of you afterwards? That yearning to tell the secret is powerful.

Who can you trust?

Who won’t be judgy or stupid or mean?

That’s where I come in.

Whether you are repentant or not, WildOne Forever wants your stories.

Guest bloggers are welcome if you don’t mind your name attached to your confession. But if you’ve got a story that you really wish to share and need to remain anonymous, WildOne Forever respects your privacy.

In fact, all submissions are handled directly by me because my word is my bond and I will never out you as long as you haven’t broken any laws. I’m no therapist but, for whatever reason, people trust me to keep their confessions confidential.

Confession Submissions

WildOne Forever, confessions, secrets

With the type of stories and content that I’m expecting, it’s important to lay down some ground rules.

DO NOT SEND CRIMINAL CONFESSIONS. I am not a lawyer or a priest. I promise if you do, it will be the only time I break confidentiality.

WildOne Forever does not guarantee publication of story submissions. You will get an email when your story has been received.

Story submissions should be written in the first person. Though I cannot confirm its truths, it should be your own story or fantasy. There are plenty of other sites that accept fiction.

Confession stories will likely range from sweet to Not Safe For Work (NSFW). The degree of freaky, fetish, and fantasy or fault is completely subjective. Content that leans toward adult content will be labeled NSFW in the title with a disclaimer at the beginning. I’m not here to judge but we want to give you a platform to express those confessions in a safe environment. We also want to empower our readers to decide if they want to continue reading the story.

Do you have a confession? Send your story to meredith@wildoneforever.com

I’m looking forward to reading and sharing your stories.

Write on!
Meredith Loughran

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