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Do You Think You Can Live Abundantly?

What Does Abundance Even Mean?

When I first started my journey to a healthier lifestyle almost twenty years ago, these “self help”  words like abundance, boundaries, attraction, and spiritual principles, all were so foreign to me. I was in recovery from drugs and alcohol and my lifestyle had primarily been to destroy myself and be a tornado in everyone else’s life, so spiritual principles and boundaries were out the window. 

I had no boundaries or communication in my family. I had to start from scratch and build theses tools myself. I started with a Dictionary. That’s right. I still do the same thing today. I break it down to the simple root definition of the word and understand exactly what it means. Now, abundance can mean many things, but the basic definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is as follows: 

Abundance: 1. An ample quantity. An abundant amount.  2. Affluence. Wealth. 3. Relative degree of plentifulness.

That’s not a lot to go on when you are trying to apply it to your life spiritually. The idea of having all your needs met and living life with joy and a fullness inside is how I see abundance now. I strive for abundance of health since I have many health problems to overcome and deal with. And I strive for an abundance of wealth also, though I used to be afraid of it in the past. I was afraid to ask for it since I didn’t feel like I deserved it.  I strive for an abundance of love and compassion for others.

The abundance you need is whatever it is you want in your life to make yourself happy, joyous, and free. However, you first have to change a crucial part, and that is how you think.

What We Think Manifests Itself, Inside and Out

I’ve learned that how I approach my life has everything to do with way I think about my life. This means the way I think about myself, my health, my finances, my family and friends, my career, just to name a few.

Thoughts are energy, and energy flows through our cells affecting every aspect of our body. They can work to promote good health or bad. Positive energy can promote low stress levels and help our minds, so our bodies can stay healthy and clear of negative energy. Is this something we can agree on?

Positive, healthy thoughts can also draw in positive people and events into our lives. We have the ability to think positively and draw in more abundance and prosperity. Therefore we can think our way into a more abundant life.

Realizing that we are not powerless in the process of reaching out into the Universe and allowing our energy to manifest an abundance of healthy things in our life is a pretty amazing idea. Practicing positive thinking takes practice. Whenever the negative self talk comes in – and it will – turn it around and try a positive alternative until it becomes second nature. You are worthy of abundance and goodness. Be willing to grace yourself with it.

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