Face Masks and Personal Style

How in the hell did face masks become popular political controversy? Some people believe that it is taking away individual rights by making us wear masks. Others and the medical community tell us it isn’t about rights, it’s a health issue, not a political one.

I don’t believe this should be political. I wear my mask when I leave the house, period. It’s not only mandated , but I believe it will help stop the spread of Covid 19. Having said that, I want to talk a little bit about the craze over cute designs and catering to individual expression.

Designer Face Masks 

Today, self-expression is a must. What better way in this time, than to show off your style by picking a mask to suit your personality? We all like a little flare and bling! Face masks are the new normal. Why not make them attractive?

Picking a sensible and safe mask doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy? If you scroll through the internet you can find a mask in any style, design, or color. Try one out for yourself.

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Homemade Face Masks

If you have a crafty bone in your body and you can sew a basic seam, then homemade masks might be your new thing. I’ve tried my hand at making a few and it’s really fun. You can be creative with fabrics and styles that work best for you.

You can even get a kit to sent to you to help you start. I enjoyed the kits. Remember to use cotton and always keep them washable. They can get pretty dirty.

Cloth face masks can partially improve the capture of droplets that are speed in coughs, sneezes and normal speech. 

So Many Choices Out There

There are disposable ones, homemade ones, designer or personalized ones, even the medical grade ones are available. You just have to decide and try some out. I see them being sold at local convenience stores too.

Give it  shot and try a variety of them. You can really have one fun with it.

wildoneforever.com, wildoneforever, wildone forever, Face Masks and Personal Style, Beauty & Style, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle
Brenda Holman
Brenda Holman is a professional artist and contributing author/ blog writer for Wild One Forever. She has written blogs for Diabetes and the Eleven Mighty Laws helping fellow Diabetics achieve their health goals through positive thinking and exploring their spiritual strengths. Brenda is insightful on many aspects of Mental Health and Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Grief, Recovery, Abuse and Women’s Issues. She is passionate about helping women overcome blocks through a positive outlook and spirituality.


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