Fringe Is Back!

Native American tribes of the Plains and elsewhere had long created garments with fringe, which served as a type of repellent for rainwater. Fringe was a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, or strips, and was often found on garments made from suede, leather, and buckskin.

Also made popular in the 20’s with flapper style dresses, fringe went of like gangbusters.

Being from Texas, fringe has always been a staple of country wear and that has never gone out of style. The big hit of fringe in modern clothing began in the 60’s with the Hippie movement. As a child of the 70’s I grew up loving the long fringe suede jackets and vests that today are worth a pretty penny. 

Well, fringe is back! Yes, fashion trends come around every few decades sometimes, and this is definitely one of those trends that is back with gusto.

Styles Today

Fringe Trim Suede Moto Jacket

BLANKNYC Fringe Trim Suede Moto Jacket, Alternate, color, BLACK

This beautiful suede leather jacket is fringed with trim just like the days of old. A new take on an old favorite is sold at BlankNYC. Fluttery fringe trails along the chest and sleeves of this fitted moto jacket fashioned from soft, velvety suede.

Fringe Crew Sweater

Autumn Cashmere Cable & Mesh Fringe Crew Sweater in Natural

This imported sweater dons beautiful trim along the top portion. Made of 100% cotton, loose knit fabric with rib knit trim and fringe trim. It makes a beautiful and timeless statement. Autumn Cashmere is a fresh, contemporary and innovative knitwear company, creating cashmere, cashmere blend and cotton sweaters and accessories that excite the senses and inspire fun living.

Diamanté Fringe Sweater

zoomed image

Oversized wool blend sweater adorned with western-style diamanté fringing that transitions across the chest and sleeves. This beautiful sweater can make a statement for everyday wear, or stylish engagements. Sold at & Other Stories.

These are just a few examples of how fringe is back in 2020. Find your favorite and enjoy this timeless fashion trend.

Brenda Holman
Brenda Holman
Brenda Holman is a professional artist and contributing author/ blog writer for Wild One Forever. She has written blogs for Diabetes and the Eleven Mighty Laws helping fellow Diabetics achieve their health goals through positive thinking and exploring their spiritual strengths. Brenda is insightful on many aspects of Mental Health and Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Grief, Recovery, Abuse and Women’s Issues. She is passionate about helping women overcome blocks through a positive outlook and spirituality.


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