My 2017 Guide to Wanting to Working Out

How many of you are like me and find yourself lacking motivation to work out? I would love to be one of those people who is super consistent and super motivated. Working two full time jobs limits my time and sometimes I’m just so exhausted when I get home. I have made it a goal this year to try and be more consistent! I love working out, but sometimes I fall out of the habit and it’s harder for me to start again. So I’m going to try to make it a habit again! I have put together a little list of ideas to help you gain motivation and maybe even trick yourself into liking working out. If I can trick myself for a month, then I’ll probably be back in the habit and will be back to loving it! IMG_6279(My first workout of 2017!!!)

Try Something New! 

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over can get mundane. I love trying new classes and new exercises to see what I love the most. For example, I recently just started working out with an online trainer! At first you may think that getting a trainer online is not as good as the real thing. I’m here to change your mind. I started doing Kayla and I had such a hard time staying motivated and wasn’t seeing results because I couldn’t stay consistent. Recently I started working with @trainerkelli through the @level212 fitness app. It’s COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED! I love it. She asks me what my goals are and tailors my workout to me specifically, so I can focus on which parts of my body I want to improve or what fitness goals I want to achieve. It’s 100 times better than a workout app that has the same workouts for everyone. If I have a really hard time with a certain workout, I can message Kelli and she’ll switch it up or I can ask her for advise on how to do it. She sets up my workouts for how many times I can fit in during the week and I have to check in with her, so I have a lot of motivation and I don’t want to cheat since it’s a real person and not a computer! There are videos linked to each workout and describe and show you how each one should be done. I’m going to be doing a post specifically about this later, but this has helped me so much over the past few weeks because it motivates me to get there! Image-7

Get a buddy!

Lots of people think this means you have to have someone who is going to do your whole workout with you. Most people want totally different results or just have different bodies that respond to different things. If you find someone you totally match with then woo hoo, maybe you found your “swollmate”. However, I think just having someone to go with makes it so much harder for me to say no! Half my problem is just getting there so if I have someone that is counting on me or who is willing to just go at the same time that helps me a ton! This helps me so much, even if it’s just driving to the gym together and we separate and do our own workouts!

Make a Playlist!

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me at the gym…forgetting my headphones! Music totally pumps me up and keeps me going! I read somewhere that music actually helps people work out longer and harder. Who needs pre-workout when you have Beyonce right?

Make it Convient for you!

You don’t have to go to the gym for a good workout! If you don’t have tons of time to drive to or spend at the gym, pop in a Jillian Michael’s video at home! Or go out for a quick run! Sometimes I just go over to the gym at my apartment complex when I’m trying to save time. It doesn’t have all of the machines that my normal gym does, but if it makes it easier for me to work out, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it?! Also you don’t have to work out at 5 AM! You workout when you have time. Don’t force yourself to do something that is not going to work for you. Remember we’re trying to make this about loving your workout again!

Set Realistic Goals!

I always over exaggerate mine. I’m like I need to lose 20 pounds! I need to work out every day! But when I look at my schedule 3 days a week seems much more likely. Start small and work your way up to your big goals. By hitting the small steps first you’ll see progress and it will be motivating. Then you can keep reaching for your ultimate goal. I get discouraged when I don’t see it happening right away and I think coming to terms with that will help me in the long run.

Don’t Overindulge, but Don’t Deprive!

As far as a diet goes, my best option is balance. I struggle with eating chicken and rice every day, so I don’t do it. I try to eat healthy, but I don’t deprive myself of a little treat or cheat day! If I go completely crazy on a diet I’m miserable. Some people are amazing at this, but for me a little bit of moderation goes a long way. If you’re miserable you won’t want to stick with it and ultimately you’re not going to see goals.

Have fun! 

If you hate running, don’t run! Maybe try a Zumba class or Yoga! Find what you love and what makes you happy and stick with those exercises. Remember you are not the same as the girl next to you and different things are going to work better for different bodies! If you find something you love, and are having fun while doing it, you are much more likely to have it become a habit and you will look forward to your work out.

I hope these tricks were helpful and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and also your goals and progress! Leave me a comment with what your health goals are for the year and if you have any other tricks you think work the best send them my way!!!

Tied Up with Kortni Jeane (plus some Laser Hair!)

Kortni Jeane has my heart. I probably get the most compliments on my swimwear whenever I wear one of hers! I love the ability to mix and match the different pieces and they are fabulous quality! I absolutely love them to death.

Also, get this necklace from Sara Marie Jewelry (or anything else in the shop) for 20% off using code: KRISTIN

But now I want to talk about one of my most favorite things that I am doing this year! Laser Hair Removal! I just started my treatments at Dr. Michael D. Marion’s office in Lehi, UT and am already so happy with it! I am doing my legs, underarms, and bikini area and I can already see that my hair is coming back in softer and slower! I will go in every six weeks for about 12 treatments or so, but each treatment for all of my areas is only about 25 minutes. That’s it! So incredibly worth it when I think about how long shaving takes every time I do it! I can’t wait to not have to spend so much time getting ready to wear a bathing suit…or just anything!

A lot of people have said they think it will hurt too much, but honestly it’s so fast and it’s not even bad. You get a little cold blast and then your skin feels hot for a second. Some people have said it feels like getting a rubber band snapped on your skin, but I don’t think it’s that painful at all! Plus, they can give you numbing cream if you really think it’s bad. Yes, some areas hurt more than others, but it’s such a quick little burst that you can handle it!

So I totally suggest going to start your treatments now so that by next summer you are most of the way to being hair free! I love the staff at Dr. Marion’s office and I highly recommend them! P.S. this is also where I did my cool sculpting treatment if you follow my instagram (@kristinrosedavis) or my snapchat (@krdavis33).

Hurry, go go go! What are you waiting for?
Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 7Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 18Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 4Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 9Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 11Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 16Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 6Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 14Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 3Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 17Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 5Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 12Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 10Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 15Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 1Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 13Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 8Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 19Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 2

Swim Top – c/o Kortni Jeane; Swim Bottoms – c/o Kortni Jeane; Necklace – c/o Sara Marie Jewelry; Bracelets – Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani

Photos: Paige Nicolle Photo

Hair: H2Blow Dry Bar

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Ily Courture Cactus Tee and Mend Juicery

I did a Juice Cleanse with Mend Juicery this week and I loved it! I did the A-Team Cleanse for 3 days! Every time I do a cleanse it seems to get easier and every time I always feel so much better afterwards! Sometimes I just stop by and grab one of their juices to have for breakfast or even as a treat. ‘The Doctor’ is my favorite!

The A-Team is their most popular cleanse! It tastes great but still chases away all those toxins and is perfect for both beginners and experienced cleansers. The 3 day cleanse is on sale now through the end of July for just $99.00. Regularly $135.00. Orders can be place in store, over the phone, or at They also offer free local delivery to your door step from anywhere in Utah county and as far north as Davis county (Ogden area).

Also, isn’t this cactus tee the cutest? It’s also super soft! You’ll want to live in it! I may or may not have worn it twice this week already…

Wild One Forever - Ily Couture Cactus Tee 2Wild One Forever - Ily Couture Cactus Tee 4Wild One Forever - Ily Couture Cactus Tee 3Wild One Forever - Ily Couture Cactus Tee 5Wild One Forever - Ily Couture Cactus Tee 1Tee – Ily Couture; Jeans – Treasure & Bond (also love these and they’re on sale!); Sneakers – Converse

Juice Cleanse: c/o Mend Juicery

Hair: H2Blow Dry Bar

Photos: Peace Photo

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