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Heels: Awesome or Torture?

As a woman, I am expected to love high heels. I don’t. I loathe them.

At 5’10,”  I was always self conscious of being taller than the guys I was seeing, so that hindered my love but that’s not the only reason. As a tall woman, who was born with hip displaysia, I really stay away from them. I don’t walk well in heels. I’m not cute and my calves are usually burning as soon as I put them on.

My sisters could rock a pair of heels no problem (and more power to them), but some of us just don’t want to. I think my aversion to walking on stilts started at a young age. I always saw the women in my family wearing comfortable shoes. I had orthopedic shoes for God’s sake.

However, many women and men enjoy a great pair of heels. Does it make you less of a woman to choose not to adore heels and collect them? Some people may say so. I choose to believe that what makes you happy should be worn. A beautiful woman in a great pair of shoes is shown to be sexy in our society. A pair of flip flops or sneakers makes you seem sporty or relaxed. It also makes you practical.


I’m not saying I haven’t tried platforms before. Those were fun, but I still couldn’t walk. It takes a lot of practice to be well versed in tall shoes. I admire a woman that can stand and walk all day in those contraptions. She is emphasizing her personal power with her shoes.

In today’s workplace some women are breaking the barriers in chic and stylish shoes. Are they being discriminated against because of their choices? It can be a double edged sword. If you dress comfortably and blend in to the man’s world, you can go unnoticed. But, if you dress fashionably in your chic heels will they take you seriously? To heel or not to heel, that is the question.

So where do you stand on the heels? Love them, or hate them? Tell us how you feel about your experience with heels.

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