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10 Must Haves In Your Purse For That Hot Date Tonight

You think you’ve got a hot date tonight and it’s time to prep. Naturally, you’ve got your outfit picked out, the perfect shoes, hair and make up is done – but there are 10 must have things a girl needs in her purse for every date.

1.Active Credit Card

Dating is different these days. Women cannot assume that their date is going to pay for the meal. I keep a credit card handy just in case my date “forgot his wallet” and I have to cover dinner or the movie. I’ve been in that situation before and it’s not cool. The date usually ends there.


In line with having a credit card handy, I practice keeping cash on hand for a variety of reasons. If the date is a non-tipper or cheapskate, I put cash on the table (or bar) and bug out with “a headache.” Don’t call me, I’ll call you… or not.

3.Cellphone with Full Charge

My cellphone at a full charge is vital because I have a couple of good friends who check in on me just in case. Maybe I’m being dramatic but I like to have a record of where I’ve been in case I’m dating a serial killer. My friends also know where I am because of Facebook check-ins. We also have a code. If I’m not having a good time they call with a family emergency. If it’s a terrible date, my really good friends show up and crash the party. I love my friends so much!

The first three things are must-haves if the date isn’t going well but the following are if the hot date is progressing nicely.

4.Blotting Paper

During the course of the evening, we tend to get a little shine on the forehead and nose. A quick trip to the restroom to blot the oil without sabotaging my makeup is handy with blotting paper. Plus, blotting paper doesn’t take up a lot of room in my purse.

5.Eye Liner

I absolutely love a guy who makes me laugh, but it does hell on my eyeliner. While I’m blotting my nose, I clean up my eyes with a little touch up.

6.Lip Liner

If I think the date is going really well and I’m thinking about the first kiss, I tend to stay away from lipstick and opt for lip liner to keep my lips colored through most of the evening, and I’m not worried about lipstick smear or getting smudges on his collar.

7.Dental Floss

My friends tell me I’m weird with the dental floss thing but I do not want to give my hot date an alluring smile after dinner and realize later that I had a piece of broccoli stuck between my teeth. That’s so not sexy!

8.Breath Mints

The breath mints test is kind of my gauge if a kiss is going to happen. I like to pop out my tin of mints while we’re walking. I pop one and offer him one. If he takes one, there’s a good chance that there’s kissing in the near future. If he doesn’t, the date is basically over.

9.Rollerball of Perfume

The rollerball of perfume is nice because it’s compact and made to travel. It’s especially nice to touch up with pretty scent, especially if the date consists of food (generally speaking but especially if garlic or onions are involved) or movie theater popcorn. But if the date progresses to someone’s apartment for some heavy petting or more, a little dab of perfume on the hips and between my breasts is a nice touch.


I’m a frisky girl but I like to think I’m a safe girl. Never, ever rely on the guy to have a condom at the ready. I prefer bringing my own because I know when I bought them. Yes, ladies, condoms have an expiration date.

Item #10 might seem shocking to some people. Quite honestly, my friend Alicia Rain has a great article called Why I’ll Never Regret Being a Slut. What can I say? I like what I like.

These are my top 10 things to have in my purse for a hot date. I’d love to compare notes. What do you keep in your purse? Leave a comment.

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