breakups hurt like hell

I Hope Your Breakup Hurts Like Hell

I hope your breakup hurts like hell. I hope that you feel like the moon and stars have failed to shine and you feel like you’ll forever float out on a sea of sadness. I hope you fall asleep on tear stained pillows after crying so hard you cant breathe. I hope your breakup hurts like hell because if you love hard enough, it should.

A true breakup should hurt like hell. 

It may not be what you want to hear right now, but I believe that hurting is how you gage you’re doing it right. We have a small, still voice within that should be telling you that you put your heart on the line and lost. It doesn’t matter who did the breaking up, you can be shattered regardless of who leaves who.

Why You Need Your Breakup to Hurt Like Hell

You Lost Something

You loved somebody and have lost him or her, and that is always painful. Let your heart hurt. Don’t run away and pretend it feels ok. Acknowledge the loss. Ignoring the pain means you’re ignoring that the break up happened and that’s not doing justice to the relationship. Mourning your loss is important, and no one should tell you otherwise. You lost the future you thought you had, not just the picture of what could be, but a friend, a lover, and a partner. You lost something precious and it hurts like hell. But did you truly loose everything? You will hopefully learn what went right and come away with life lessons.

You Should Feel Everything

Those who reject feeling negative emotions and only acknowledge or feel the positive ones are not well rounded and experienced. There are those that wont let the sun shine on the bad things in life. They try to run and hide from hurt and push it deep inside. I’m not saying you should sink into the sadness or complain constantly, but you owe it to yourself to feel your emotions. Allow yourself to feel what washes over you, but let it do that- wash over you and not linger. Feel your feelings and forget anyone who tells you to just move on. You can’t. You shouldn’t.

breakups hurt

You Feel Incomplete

Being incomplete is part of it. I wont tell you you how to feel, but honoring your thoughts and emotions at this time is very important. You lost something crucial and you’re incomplete without it right now. But here is how I look at it:

When you love and loose like that you leave a part of you behind -with them- which is why we feel so broken. You aren’t incomplete though; you aren’t missing pieces, shattered, or wanting because you are keeping a piece of them, too. In that hole that was left in your heart, you will carry the best and the worst of them. The lessons you have learned are enormous. you know what you want, or don’t want in your relationship now. You are a whole person. Whole, but never the same. Whole but grown.

You are not broken. You are not shattered. You are uniquely changed. And to me, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

We should love bravely and hard. Breakups suck. No doubting that fact. But, if you have taken a risk in love and put yourself out there, you will grow. Change is how we learn and become well rounded individuals.

So, I hope your breakup hurts like hell! I hope that you are brave enough to love with all of yourself, without holding anything back, knowing that the reward for that is happiness unlike anything you’ve ever known. I’m glad your breakup hurts, because that means you didn’t let past jade you. It means you are sharing yourself wholeheartedly and I love that you’re strong enough to love without fear of hurt, but rather with anticipation of what is to come. the joy that comes.

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