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I love my mother but,

sometimes she needs to lay off a little…

At 27 years old, I am a little over being told when my dishes need to be done. Especially when I’m being told they need to be done from MY HOME!

I am grateful to have a relationship with mother, but that relationship is what opens the door to her opinions! It’s not just the dishes, it’s my weight, it’s what I spend money on, it’s how I react to other’s, it’s even how I feel sometimes. There’s an invisible line where being a mother ends and being rude begins.

I love my mother to the death of me, she’s the reason I am who I am today. I just want her to treat me like an adult and respect my every day life decisions. Since I am a returning college student and a stay at home wife, I jokingly tell her that “I’m allowed to choose the day or night shift for dish duty.”

I know that being a mother will never fade for her and I appreciate that because she picks up wherever I’m missing something with my daughter. It’s definitely a love-hate thing.

-Stephanie P. Gamero

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