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Let’s Get Some POSHGLAM With Kimberly E. Stone

Serial Entrepreneur, Beauty Editor and Founder of POSHGLAM, Kimberly E. Stone, has been in the beauty industry as a model and fashion journalist. Her perspective on beauty comes from growing up as a fair-skinned black woman and has taken a more pragmatic approach to call upon social media writers of color to help change the dynamic of what’s considered beautiful and make a conscious effort to tap into a more global aesthetic.

As a child, Kimberly was encouraged to pursue her dreams. She had the opportunity of being in gifted classes and pursued a journalism career with a focus on the fashion and beauty industry.

With her long, thick, textured hair and fair skin, she is constantly asked,
“What are you mixed with?” Instead of being offended, Ms. Stone took a pragmatic approach and decided to use her platform and experience to change the dynamic of beauty and acceptance.

Kimberly launched POSHGLAM in 2005 as she scouted modeling agencies in New York City. At the time, demand for models of color was low but she was able to pitch herself as a “crossover” by her beauty agents in order to land jobs. After POSHGLAM launched, Kimberly called upon other social media writers of color to help change the dynamic of the sit to make conscious efforts to tap into a more global aesthetic.

She fondly remembers a call from Essence inquiring about designers of African descent. She was one of the rare few who were selected to place eight different brands. She attributes the paradigm shift to the emergence of freelance models of color and ambitious content creators in the space. 

I want to build an online platform for global communications and interaction that fosters an appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Kimberly E. Stone – founder of POSHGLAM

POSHGLAM.comPrimpette and daunt llc., Kimberly E. Stone. This powerhouse black female grew up constantly being asked, “What are you mixed with?” 

More About Kimberly E. Stone

Growing up with two black parents, fair skin, and a multi-ethnic background, Kimberly has said, “I love my hair right out of the salon, but I’ve been a bit stubborn about filling a countertop with tons of products and maintenance combinations.”

Beauty Tips for African American Hair

A good friend of Kimberly, whose hair goes down her back, after taking out a protection style as a weave, would use a combination of products including leave-in conditioners, oils, and multiple remedies for conditioning and preserving in-between salon visits.

It comes with a combination of soaking multiple products in, studying tutorials and styles. Though Kimberly is of African, American Indian, European and Asian descent, she also requires a great deal of products and preparation to achieve a natural hair style.

“I’ve tried bantu knots, braiding and taking it out, and scrunching. My expectations have changed since the “Natural Hair” fad started and I’ve found myself more-often wearing it pressed out.” 

WildOne Forever Presents…

Editor and podcast host of the WildOne Forever podcast, Meredith Loughran, had the pleasure of sitting with Kimberly E. Stone to talk about her journey from growing up as a light-skinned black child, to forging ahead in journalism and breaking through barriers that shouldn’t exist based on skin color to thrive because of talent.

She expresses the difference between dollar store products and why high-end products may be better for you.


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