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My thoughts on rain…

It’s been raining all day so I decided to do a post about the rain. Personally, I love the rain. I love it when I can lie in bed and read, or cuddle, or just listen to it patting against the roof and windows.

I love randomly running outside and playing in it. My best friend, Heather, and I once had a pretty awesome dance party in it, and my cousins, brothers, and I used to have rain dances at our cabin in the summer.

This also reminds me of those powerful summer thunderstorms with lightning flashing and rolling thunder that you can feel barreling through your chest. Wouldn’t it be a surprise to be kissed with such power and electricity? Does that kind of connection exist between two people?

And rain also makes me sad sometimes because it puts me in a reflective mood. There are so many songs about rain that I had even made a sad song playlist with them all.

Are you a fan of rain? I’d love to hear from you.



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