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Regaining Our Power

I have been thinking a lot about the feeling of powerlessness and how to regain our power. Many of us feel the need to be in control of every aspect of our life, that we must be the author of our lives, so to speak.

We cling onto people, places and things that may or may not be healthy for us. We want to write the story of our lives. When we feel challenged we can’t see past the goal that has been thwarted, and our sense of powerlessness sets in. 

We lose that “control.”

Regaining our Personal Power doesn’t mean we write the story; it means we withstand the storm and the blowing winds of adversity. When life throws us curve balls, we fight and scream. But sometimes we are forced to accept what is, surrendering to the process where we gain power rather than fighting against it. 

Where Can I Start To Regain My Power?

Realizing and accepting that we can’t always be the director of our own life can be a hard pill to swallow. If I’m not directing it, then who is? 

Traditionally, we look to our Higher Power in our life and ask for the strength to get through, but what if we can’t connect that way? What if we feel like we are alone in this life and have been given a raw deal? What if we feel our prayers aren’t being answered; can we still find a way to begin this process? 

Yes, we can. Making a conscious decision is key. Saying aloud to ourselves, or someone else, that we are going to try and accept our fears and limitations and step into an open-minded relationship with life. That’s a good place to start. Admitting you aren’t in control of everything that happens to you and that you can learn to bend and sway with life successfully. 

This is true resiliency.

What Control Do I Have?

There is so much that we can gain control of, such as:

  1. Our response to events and our outlook on the outcome. Having the glass half empty or half full is a great way to look at it. Are we going to allow ourselves to be stuck in the mire or will we try and find creative ways to work through events? Struggle and hard times will always arise, but realizing that you have the Power to react with grace and mindfulness instead of reacting with fear gives you back your Personal Power.
  2. Who we choose to surround ourselves with. Many people can have adverse affects on our life. Realizing who is healthy and who is holding you back can give you much Personal Power. Creating boundaries and sticking to them will help, while creating lists and doing inventories can also be helpful.
  3. What we choose to allow “in.” What we watch, listen to, or allow in our personal space can continue to bring us down. It can be a succubus for positive energy and keep your mind in a negative space. Decide what to allow in your mind, and that will bring great Power to your outlook.
  4. Reaching out for help if it is too much. We all could use help at times; asking peers, others whom you admire and respect, friends that seem to have a positive outlook on life. If that isn’t enough, you can look to clergy or scriptures that help inspire you to get and stay on course. Also, the medical community can be a great help if we feel we need it. Always ask for help. You will be helping them stay on course as well.
  5. Lastly, be kind to yourself. The process of gaining Personal Power is not overnight, it takes practice and dedication. Be easy on yourself. When you fall back on negativity and want to control every aspect of life, give yourself some special attention and relax. Take it easy on your expectations. As many say, we can only live one day at a time.

Living Powerfully

Taking the process of regaining your Personal Power is a huge step. Realizing that being powerless over certain aspects of your life and that you aren’t in control all the time is really the first step. Once you can identify the areas of your life that need attention, taking the action to make the changes needed becomes the bulk of the work. 

Daily affirmations and declaring your commitment to yourself helps tremendously. Every day is a new beginning in your life of change. Change is what it’s about. Making the choice to feel better and live “Powerfully” is yours. The universe is big enough for more positive thinking and action.

Go for it! You’re worth it.

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