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Screw You

I apologize for the clickbait title but I literally picked up a screw in the road while I was on DAY 9 of my health and wellness challenge. I’ve passed this screw every day, and every day the passing thought is, “That’s gonna suck if it gets stuck in someone’s tire.”

Today I stopped to kick it to the side. It was still on the shoulder and I had one of those “aw, fuckit” moments and picked it up, figuring I was going to drop it in someone’s bin for garbage pickup – but there weren’t any.

As I continued with my jog, I could feel the sharp threads and weight of it. “Maybe I’ll toss it when I get to the park.”

Nope. I carried it home with me all the while thinking about this silly screw.

In my vlog, I talk about this screw having a story. At first blush, it seems a little silly but honestly felt more profound. Here’s what I mean.

  • It was once shiny and new (kind of like me)
  • It was probably used to build something or hold things together (kind of like me)
  • It’s rusted and aged (kind of like me)
  • It’s broken (kind of like me)
  • It’s been rejected and tossed like junk (yup, I’ve been there)
  • It’s been kicked around (I’m sorry if I did that to you)
  • It’s been picked up and carried (I’ve been there too)
  • And now someone is telling a story about it (I can only hope)

Day 9 vlog

The Journal

This morning I felt a little back strain so I popped a few Advil before heading out.

I like the pace and time it takes to do the 1.5 mile walk/slow jog. There’s no compulsion to extend that to two miles yet.

Finished up my apple cider vinegar drink and my coffee consumption is down to two mugs.

I did feel that 3PM slump but was able to power through it. Actually, I’m still fighting it. I don’t know… I might give in and take a little nap… or sit here and make monster faces to give my neck a workout.

Special shout outs to my friends who tuned in to the livestream.

Featured image source: Meredith Loughran

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  1. That screw may be aged and rusty, but it’s still got some good threads on it. It would still be working if the structure it was in had not been taken down. Everyone has a place.

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