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Stop Procrastinating and Hustle

In today’s vlog I talk about being “busy”. It’s one thing to actually BE BUSY and get things accomplished to propel you forward; whether that’s challenging yourself, hitting a deadline, working on your business or brand. That kind of busy is GOOD.

Then there’s the other kind of busy – the kind where you’re telling yourself you’ve got a lot of moving parts but going absolutely nowhere. Hey, I’m guilty of that and I call it for what it is – PROCRASTINATION.

I can move all day long but let’s say, if I’m moving the same piece of paper on my desk 100 times, I did a lot of moving but what did it accomplish? I could have taken that piece of paper and filed it away, tacked it to a board, or thrown it out. Why would I need to move that same piece of paper on my desk that many times except to distract myself?

Multiply that by all the other distractions we stay “busy” with.

Morning Vlog

Consider this: If you find yourself with busy work that doesn’t propel you forward, it’s simply “procrastination with movement.”

What is that “stuff” that you’re doing? Don’t get me wrong – if you want to use that “busy stuff” to get out of other stuff? That’s fine but be real about it and don’t complain at the end of the day if you’re wondering where your day went and why you didn’t get anything accomplished.

Instead of Procrastinating – Why Not Take A Break?

Another thing that I address is the idea of taking a break. I get my mid-afternoon slumps. Many times I try to work through it but most of the time I end up distracted and doing… other stuff!


I can’t focus on the task that needs to be done so why not get away from my desk and shut my eyes for 15 minutes or so? Maybe my body is saying, “Hey, Meredith, I need a break from the screen. If you go lay down and let me rejuvenate, I’ll come back more focused and we’ll knock this shit out.”

Nope. I’m usually stubborn and rarely listen to that voice.


Because I’m stubborn.



Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you NEED that break. I remember working in my corporate job. When I needed that break, I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for 5 minutes with my eyes closed.

Wise Words

Shout out to my good friends who tune in to my morning rants. Marv Vasconcelos, is an amazing artist and friend who hails from Portugal – and Karl Witsman, writer, livestreamer and humorist had this to say:

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I had gone on a retreat where we were encouraged to do NO THING. It was wonderful. I do believe that there is a place for doing NO THING to rest up and gird your loins for the next THING. Just don’t use procrastination as an excuse. To quote Yoda: “Do or do not.”

I’ll have to pick Karl’s brain on this whole 80/20 thing because despite my best intentions, I’m usually ALL OR NOTHING. What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

Maybe it’s my wiring too. When I get overwhelmed (which happens often) I need a quiet spot to find the ground again. It’s one of my coping mechanisms with being an Aspie.

The point is – a little break sounds counterproductive but may, in fact, help you become MORE productive in the long run. I’m not the only one who has completely slogged through the day, torturing myself, for the sake of being “busy.”

Assess your situation and really take an objective look at how you are using your time. Don’t make excuses and find your hustle and groove.


Today I have another package reveal. This one is from a friend of mine whom I met at Space Coast Comic Con back in February, 2020… right before “The Great Pause.”

Jake Estrada is a gentle giant and his creative endeavors are as expansive as he is tall. He makes movies, creates comic books, and head honcho over at Indie Originals.

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Golden Crème Corp

by Jake Estrada, published through SCCX

The Golden Crème Corp is a story about the have and the have-nots. Youth verse old set in a post apocalyptic world. Where resources are scarce, and it becomes a battle of wills to see who will reign supreme. 

While I tend to love fantasy and horror comics, I supported this project because I really like the creator. It makes a difference and people connect with people, not things.

Give Jake (SCCX) a follow to stay up to date with what he creates next.

Health and Wellness Log

Earth date November 27, 2020 and I have not missed a day with these challenges!

  • 1.5 miles walk / slow jog
  • Apple Cider Vinegar drink
  • Blogging & Vlogging
  • Not doing too good with the whole NaNoWriMo thing. Meh.

Featured image source: Pixabay

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