MTV Movie Awards 2013

The MTV Movies Awards are always sure to provide some interesting entertainment, especially with the outfits that people choose to wear. This year seemed to have some pretty bad ones…just wait until you get down to my “worsts”.

Rebel Wilson –  I love her so much…she is hilarious. Rebel Wilson MTV

Selena GomezSelena Gomez MTV

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner MTV

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian MTV

Karlie KlossKarlie Kloss MTV

SnookiSnookie MTV

JWowwJWoww MTV

Brittany SnowBrittany Snow MTV

Jordan BrewsterJordana Brewster MTV


Kesha – I really don’t have anything to say about this. It’s like goth mixed with a ghost on drugs who didn’t use a mirror to get ready. Kesha MTV

Kylie Minogue – Apparently she’s going on a trip to outer space…and I HATE that you can see her belly button through her dress.Kylie Minogue MTV

Hayley Williams – ugh.Hayley Williams MTV

Chloe Grace Mortez – The denim is just really restricting. You would think a denim dress would keep her looking young, but I just hate everything about this and then what is up with the grandma shoes?Chloe Grace Moretz MTV

Hana Mae Lee – I don’t think I need to state the obvious about the hat. Terrible. The dress kind of makes her look like a witch. It’s actually not horrible. But all together it’s not good. The shoes might be kind of cool, but they totally cut  her legs off and make her look even shorter. Hana Mae Lee MTV


Emma Watson – I love this print and the cut. She looks perfect in it!Emma Watson MTV

Amanda Seyfried – I love the style of this dress and the print. I like that she covered the arms, but used the illusion of tan fabric.Amanda Seyfried MTV

Kerry Washington – I posted this before, but I love the idea of this dress. A lot of people didn’t, but I thought she rocked it. A totally different style.Kerry Washington Michael Kors

The Met Gala 3013

I cannot tell you how much I loved the outfits this year. The theme made it so fun – Punk: Chaos to Couture. Loved it! You’ll be able to tell that I had a really hard time narrowing down the outfits to post, and especially my favorites. I had so many. Of course there were some pretty bad ones, but there were some AMAZING outfits this year. You kind of have to keep in mind the theme for some of them though, because they might seem kind of out there, but they totally fit the night. And some were great dresses, but then I didn’t like them because they were so plain! If you have a party with a theme, why not go all out for it?! After all the Met Gala is a Costume Party. It seemed like everyone who was anyone was there. I would have died to be able to go to something like this. I can’t wait to see if you agree with my picks or not! Anyway, here you go!

Jessica Alba: I had to start with someone who barely missed my best dressed because I seriously had to narrow it down. This is fabulous. It just didn’t stand out as much as some of my other favs. I wish you could see her shoes though…they were to die for.jessica alba met gala

Kristen Stewart: I almost put this in my favs too, because there was something about it that I loved because it’s really creative. Kristen Stewart met gala

Jaime King: This is really different for her and I love it.jaime king met gala

Leelee Sobieski: I like the contrast and the sleeves a lot. She looks a lot more polished than usual.leelee sobieski met gala

Ashley Greene: The dress was a little much for me, but I think she looks gorgeous and I like the punk take she did with her hair."PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Julianne Hough: Not my fav color on her, but I like the idea of the dress with the theme. Julianne Hough met gala

Nina Dobrev: I really like this in the weirdest way. She looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s a great way to stand out.nina dobrev met gala

Gwyneth Paltrow: She looks beautiful as always and I love the dress, but it doesn’t really fit the theme at all. She stands out of the crowd though.gwyneth paltrow met gala

Alexa Chung: I’m not totally sure on this one. I don’t hate it, but it’s not really my favorite either.Alexa Chung met gala

Kirsten Dunst: I feel like she looks more like a mermaid than punk, but I think the color is really great against her skin.Kirsten Dunst met gala

Lily Aldridge: Again, not totally with the theme, but she looks great.lily aldridge met gala

Gwen Stefani: Gwen is like the queen of punk…Are you kidding me? Remember her pink hair? I loved her. This totally reminds me of 90s Gwen.gwen stefani met gala

Lena Dunham: She looks too pretty (despite the face shes making).lena-dunham-met-ball-2013-costume-institute-gala-red-carpet-fashion-pictures-07-05-2013-jpg_100138

Elizabeth Banks: I do NOT love this jacket, but I DO love her shoes. elizabeth-banks-met-gala

Brooklyn Decker: I don’t think this is punk, but I LOVE this outfit.brooklyn-decker-metgala

Miranda Kerr: She looks like a really hot vampire to me…get outta here with that body!miranda kerr met gala

Gisele Bundchen: Again with the body! But I love this outfit! The chain detail is perfect!gisele bundchen met gala

Katy Perry: She looks more like a traveling guru, but it’s Katy…whatever, at least it’s not spinning candy canes on her boobs? Am I right?katy perry met gala

Cameron Diaz: She looks so chic. I love this look.cameron diaz met gala

Jennifer Lawrence: I’m a little disappointed with this one…she looks great, but I thought she would do something awesome with this theme…alas…jennifer-lawrence-met-gala-2013-1-680x1024

Sienna Miller: Leave it to this girl to hit the nail on the head. I love that jacket.sienna miller met gala

Karolina Kurkova: Legs for days! I love the prints together. karolina kurkova met gala

Diane Kruger: I love that she went “classy punk”.Diane-Kruger---2013-Met-Gala--01-560x841

Ashley Olsen: I kinda feel like her and Katy Perry should be going to India together in their outfits, but she looks like shes glowing. I’m not gonna hate on it.Ashley Olsen met gala

Dakota Fanning: She’s all grown up and grow wings, but I kinda like it.dakota fanning met gala

Zooey Deschanel: I can’t HATE this, but it’s so boring for her and she doesn’t even have her bangs! whaaaaa…Zooey-Deschanel-Met-Gala-2013

Emma Roberts: just very simple…emma roberts met gala

Uma Thurman: She looks great, but it’s like so fancy and not punk…at all. This is more like an awards ceremony Oscar type dress."PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Hilary Rhoda: I kinda like the leather pants look, but I’m undecided about the top…I think it’s the length that’s throwing me off.hilary rhoda met gala

Heidi Klum: She looks amazing, but so fancy!heidi_klum_met_gala_2013_costume_institute_met_ball_punk_chaos_to_couture_red_carpet_celebrity_photos_18ogh3r-18ogh4c

Solange Knowles: The fro is back!!!! YES! Love the print of this dress.solange knowles met gala

Allison Williams: Very bold, but I think it’s really coolallison williams met gala

Stacy Keibler: I love this for a punk look and I’m lusting her shoes.stacy keibler met gala

Olivia Wilde: This reminds me of something Gwen Stefani would have worn in the 90s. olivia wilde met gala

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I’m having a love/hate relationship with this outfit.rosie huntington-whiteley met gala

Florence Welch: She can do no wrong with me. I just love her.florence welch met gala

Amber Heard: Gorg.amber heard met gala

Emma Watson: Without the cutouts it would just be a boring black dress. emma watson met gala

Beyonce: Sometimes I love Beyonce and sometimes I don’t…this ones not my favorite.beyonce knowles met gala

Jennifer Lopez: Same with J.LO…sometimes I love her and sometimes I don’t, but I DO like this! jennifer lopez met gala


Christina Ricci: This is terrible. I can’t decide if it would be ok in a different print, but I just hate this.

Ginnifer Goodwin: I was trying to decide if I liked this dress, but I couldn’t get past her hair and that horrible eye makeup. Then I decided that I hated the fade at the bottom too.ginnifer_goodwin_met_gala_18ogil5-18ogin4

Mary Kate Olsen: I think I would like the dress underneath, but she looks horribly old in this picture, and I think she took a fortune teller’s coat and attached her dog to it. Mary-Kate Olsen met gala

Coco Rocha: I usually love this girl, but I hate the bangs, I hate the print, I don’t know what is attached to the top of the dress, and I do not like the boots with it either. I’m sorry girl! coco rocha met gala

Jessica Biel: I don’t know what is going on here. The fit of the dress makes her look huge and I HATE those leggins. Uh Uh.

Madonna: One word – BARF. Two more: You’re old.madonna met gala

Nicki Minaj: This is like the most tame I have ever seen here…where’d you go Nicki?nicki minaj met gala

Kim Kardashian: She looks like a couch…bigger than the couch. This is not just awful because shes pregnant…no one should wear this, but especially not when you are pregnant. kim-kardashian-MET-gala-2013-the-jasmine-brand

Elle Fanning: I think someone is a little confused as to which planet they are on.elle fanning met gala

Miley Cyrus: I have always hate Miley…this just made my loath her.
miley cyrus met gala


My bests consist of the people that mixed punk and couture the best. I am obsessed with these.

Cara Delevinge: I LOVE THIS! It’s perfect. She looks amazing.cara delevingne met gala

Kerry Washington: She is quickly turning into one of my top fashion idols. Love her to death. This color is perfect on her. kerry washington met gala

Rooney Mara: This dress is GORGEOUS. I wouldn’t expect anything less from her.rooney mara Met Gala

Blake Lively: O Blake…of course you would know how to make punk and feathers chic.Blake-Lively-Met-Gala-2013

Minka Kelly: I love the lace on this dress. The two tone color makes it pop so well. She looks incredible.minka kelly met gala

Amanda Seyfried: Be still my heart. I want a train like that. She looks ethereal. amanda-seyfried-2013-met-gala

Taylor Swift: She pulled off a girly punk the only way Taylor could. I love it. She’s beautiful.Taylor-Swift-Met-Gala-2013

Katie Holmes: Now at first you may not think punk, but I love the ripped ends of the dress, but she’s so high fashion at the same time. I can’t get over this dress.katie-holmes-met-gala-2013-white-calvin-klein-dress

Kate Bosworth: Love the print of the dress with the punk elements in the bag, belt, and shoes. Perf!kate bosworth met gala

Nicole Richie: I’m sure a lot of people thought that this look was weird, but I think she looks amazing. I LOVE the dress and it’s detail, and I think her hair looks bomb.comNicole richie met gala

Anne Hathaway: I am seriously in love with the bright platinum hair. I think it does wonders for her and I would steal that dress in a heartbeat. You all know I’m not a huge fan of Anne’s, but hands down she is probably my favorite of the night. (With the exception of little miss amazing hairstyle below).anne hathaway met gala

Sarah Jessica Parker: Ok…my real love, because of her daringness and her hair…OMG, LOVE HER. Are you kidding me? I die.met-gala-sarah-jessica-parker-h724sjp hair met gala

Les Miserables

I was probably the last person on the planet to see this movie. Which is weird, because I love this story and I know all the words to the songs. I wanted to go so bad when it came out at Christmas time, but for one reason or another I didn’t get to, and I was busy, and my friends had seen it, etc. I even almost just went by myself on two seperate occasions. les_miserables_soundtrack

So I finally went this week after watching the Oscars. It was as good as everyone said. I loved it so much. I wasn’t even bothered by Anne Hathaway who I normally hate. I actually loved her. And I don’t know why so many people thought that Russell Crowe was bad. I thought he did a really good job. Of course actor and actresses aren’t going to have as good of voices as Broadway stars, but I thought he held his own. Everyone did. I love that they did live singing for the movie. It made everything more touching and human I think. les_miserables_ver11I love all of the posters they did for this movie. So I’m going to post  bunch of them…I apologize now 🙂

As I said before, normally I don’t like Anne Hathaway that much…I LOVED her in this movie. Her song I Dreamed A Dream was amazing. I honestly think she was probably my favorite in the movie. I don’t know if she was my favorite character, but I think she did the best playing her role. I can completely see why she won an academy award for it. She is totally the new Tom Cruise. She’s a really good actress now, but I can’t stand her in real life. I actually thought her voice was really good too. I was surprised. I didn’t think it was going to be that great. (Well I have been listening to the soundtrack, so I knew how it was, but before I listened to that I thought it wasn’t going to be good.)

anne-hathaway-new-les-miserables-postersHugh Jackman will always be one of my favorites and I love when he sings. He did a really good job as Valjean and I’m glad they picked him for this role. Plus even as an old man or a convict, he’s still kind of handsome 🙂Les-Miserables-ValjeanRussell Crowe got a lot of flack for how he played Javert. Honestly, I did not think he did a bad job at all. I thought he was fine. He had to play a “tough” cop and that’s what he did. His voice was fine for a actor. He’s not a broadway singer and people should have known that. I thought they picked a good person to play the role and I love Russell Crowe. I mean it wasn’t like Gladiator by any means (which will always be my favorite ever), but I won’t faul him for it.les-miserables-russell-crowe-posterThe one thing I did not like was the The Thenardiers were sooo over the top. Well I mean they are supposed to be, but they were so disgusting. I think the Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were the perfect people to play them, but I wanted to barf every time I saw them! Poor baby Cosette. les_miserables_poster_1_1I really like Amanda Seyfried too. I think she’s really pretty and her and Eddie Redmayne, who played Marius were really cute together. P.S. I love him. les-miserables-image06les_miserables_ver10Which leaves, Eponine…Samantha Barks. This is the only actually Broadway singer they used. They couldn’t decide on the people trying out…which included Taylor Swift and Lea Michele. I’m so glad they didn’t use one of them! I just don’t think they would have done as good of a job. They plucked Samantha right out of the show! She is soooo good, and I think she’s gorgeous. She was probably my next favorite in the movie. I bawled during her songs. happiness_i_ve_never_known_by_threshthesky-d5kmkzsSam-Barks-Eponine-samantha-barks-33323123-500-504Samantha Barks as Eponine