How Old Are They?

What do Florence Welch, The Olsen Twins, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad and I have in common?

We’re all the same age!
Weird I know.
So I was reading in Glamour Magazine recently and came across a little thing about 25 year olds. And yes, for one more day that includes me. I thought it was interesting because some of them look so much older than they are (Florence and Lady Gaga) and some of them play high schoolers that are 10 years younger than they actually are.
So for your entertainment, here is a list of celebrities that are 25 as of 2011.
Florence Welch

Olsen Twins

Mischa Barton

Megan Fox

Lindsay Lohan

Leighton Meester

Lauren Conrad – she did turn 26 in Feb, but I figured it was close enough

Lady Gaga – her bday is the day after mine…so weird that I am older than Lady Gaga (by one day anyway)

Jessica Stroup

Heidi Montag

Amber Riley

Emmy Rossum

Golden Globes 2012

Elle McPherson
I think I’m regretting not putting her on my best dressed now. The only reason I didn’t was because it slightly resembled a wedding dress…but she looks amazing.

Heidi Klum
I thought she looked great and I loved the necklace.

Charlize Theron
Not sure how I feel about this dress, but she looks good in everything. I never see pick anything terrible.

Sophia Vergara
I really like this. I love the bottom.

Julie Bowen
This looks like a dress that Taylor Swift would wear and I don’t like her hair, but it’s not the worst thing ever.

Natalie Portman
I think she looks gorgeous, but she looks a little bit plain. The color is pretty on her though.

Paula Patton
I love this. That’s all.

Claire Danes
I think this is super interesting. I didn’t love the front, but I like the back a lot.

Emma Stone
Gorgeous and I love the color…I just don’t know what’s up with the belt. It looks like a cowboy/western thing…?

Angelina Jolie
I almost put her on the worst dressed…Fashion Police loved it and I did NOT. I thought it washed her out and made her body look funny. I thought her face looked super harsh too. But it wasn’t as bad as the ones I picked for worst.

Amber Riley
I actually really liked this on her. I think she looked really good. The dress fit her so well.

Dianna Agron
I actually kind of liked this. A lot of people didn’t, but I thought it was way different and fun.

Evan Rachel Wood
I can’t decide about this dress. She looks like a giant snake-peacock, but I sort of like it in a weird way…but I would never wear it.

Nicole Kidman
This dress fit her perfectly, but it makes her look so white. I think the dress is pretty, just not on her.

Mila Kunis
I think she looks pretty, but its not my favorite. She looks better in a colored dress and I like her better with a little bit of light in her hair.

Nicole Richie
I actually love this. And her hair. I also thought about this for best dressed, but it was a tiny bit loose so I didn’t.

Lea Michele
I just can’t decide. I think this would look so much better on someone else. It’s too old for her. She’s trying to hard, but she still looks so pretty.

Selma Hayek
I actually really like this. It’s totally different and fun.

Sarah Hyland
I always like the dresses she picks out. She’s so cute. I love the lace around the center.

Zooey Deschanel
I love this dress, but I don’t like her hair. I wish it was totally straight or up. The dress is perfect for her.

Worst Dressed
Rooney Mara
She always looks so angry and bored. And this is the most predictable dress for her. It looks the same as all the other ones she has worn recently. I didn’t like the whole look.

Jessica Biel
This makes me sad cuz she is so pretty, but she looks like a polygamist.

Kate Winslet
For some reason, overall I just didn’t like her tonight. The dress was boring and didn’t flatter her.

Ummm…too tight. Weird. Glove? Are you Michael Jackson? What’s with the necklace?

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Is this for real a tie-dye dress? Did she spill a slushie on it? It’s also the size of Jupiter.

Tilda Swinton
I just think she’s so weird. She could wear something normal.

Best Dressed
Kate Beckinsale
She is perfect. I love the shape of this dress. Everything about this is flawless.

Jessica Alba
Again…perfection. I have nothing to complain about.

Kristin Wigg
Some people may disagree with me, but she looks so good. This is perfect on her. I love that it’s all so simple.

George and Stacey
She is very simple, but if he anywhere in the picture we’re good to go.

Reese Witherspoon
I LOVE this. Her hair. The shape. The color. She looks amazing.

Golden Globes 2011

Outfits of Golden Globes 2011
I just thought it would be fun to post about the Golden Globes because I love watching all the shows about outfits and etc. Plus I stalked Perez Hilton’s blog to look at all of them. But I do have some different opinions than him. There was a lot of blush and nude colored dresses which I love right now. Green was another big color, which happens to be my favorite color! I also love how many sparkles and glitter this was this year! My fav! Anyway, here are some of the outfits from the night. Let me know what you think!

These first few are just some that I liked. My most favorite will come later.
Mila Kunis: Not my favorite dress ever, but I thought it was pretty on her, and I really liked the color on her.

Catherine Zeta Jones: Green again. I thought it was really pretty.

Angelina: I love the color on her. I’m not sure I love the shoulders, but overall I think it looks really good. (and I’m still Jen biased)

Anne Hathaway: I love this dress except for the shoulder pad thing going on, so that’s why it didn’t make my favorites. But I actually think she looks really pretty and I don’t even like her that much.

Sandra Bullock: I love this dress. Her bangs are throwing my off a little, but she tried something new so hey I give her that.

Scarlett Johansson: to be honest I don’t like her. And I think she kinda almost is wearing the same dress as Sandra Bullock, BUT I really like it except for the arms. I think maybe they shouldn’t have been so loose. I don’t know…thoughts?

Nicole Kidman: almost a little boring, but I sort of liked the simplicity.

Natalie Portman: little prego girl…so I think this dress is cute because of that. Otherwise it might be a little weird.

Leighton Meester: ahhh my love. I liked it. Almost victorian or something, with a little leg. I love the nude lace.

Megan Fox: Sort of boring for her I think, but I thought it was pretty.

Lea Michele: I’m not a fan of pink, but I think it was cute for her. My other two Glee girls made my favorites! So good night all around for the Glee stars!

Julianne Hough: I thought this was interesting, but it looked good on her and she looked really pretty. She put everything together well.

What were they thinking?!?
Some of these outfits I just don’t quite understand. Of course you see weird things at every awards show, but some of these people usually have amazing dresses and I’m just really disappointed. Then there are just the terrible ones.
Julianne Moore: This one isn’t the worst, but I feel like she just came back from India or something. Plus with all the green going on this year, she would have looked so good in green.

Jennifer Love : The dress would be pretty if she was getting married. Plus I feel like her hair looks so messy. At least put it up in a pretty, elegant updo or something if you’re going to wear a dress like that. .

Julia Styles: I just don’t like this. The actual dress isn’t that bad, but I think it makes her look bigger than she is and I don’t think she looks good all around. Right now I’m not so glad that people always tell me I look like her.

January Jones: could have been pretty maybe if she didn’t leave so much off the top.

O Heidi….I’m just disappointed…usually you’re one of my favorites 🙁 You couldn’t have found something better than that?

Christina : I can see what she was going for, but in my opinion it didn’t work. I usually love the lace over nude look. I actually like the dress, but it’s just not working on her. I also think her hair would have looked cute with curls or up maybe?

Gabby Sidible : WOW…purple leopard? I think compared to what she wore last year when she won for Precious, this is a complete failure. Ugh.

Helena Bonham Carter: By far the worst thing ever. That’s all I have to say. Her shoes don’t even match.
These are my very favorites from the night. LOVE THEM!
Emma Stone: K some people are saying she looks orange all over, which I guess she could have maybe skipped the spray tan, HOWEVER, I love the plain look. I don’t know why, but I’m just dying over it. I love love her hair blonde too. So simple.
Carrie Underwood: She always looks good I think. Classy. Plus I love glitter dresses!
Amber Riley: She looks so good. I think she picked a great dress. Glitter again! My first Glee girl in the favorites!
Dianna Agron: And my other Glee girl! Think she looks amazing too! Simple again, but really elegant. I love it.
Eva Longoria: Perez complained that she was in just another black dress. Umm I love that shape of it. I think she looks great! One of my favorites for sure.
Olivia Wilde: I can’t decide if this one or the next one is my favorite. Yeah she looks like maybe she’s going to prom or something, but she looks amazing, and I LOVE her dress. It’s gorgeous.
Sarah Hyland: Ok I didn’t even know who this was. I guess she’s on Modern Family and she’s only 20? I LOVE LOVE her dress. I would steal it from her any day. I think this is probably my favorite one of the night. I love that it’s still simple, but the top has the lace detail. I think her hair is cute and goes well with the dress. And of course, love the nude color!