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Confession of a Kleptomaniac

My story is not one of abuse, sexual assault, poverty or any of the horrible things you might imagine. I come from a...

My Husband Doesn’t Know I Was In A Lesbian Relationship

I met my husband, my love, at a time in my life when I felt I needed to start over. I reinvented myself and...

I’ve Got A Confession. Do you?

Normally a WildOne Forever confession is written and posted anonymously but this one is an exception because it's really a call to action to...

Confession of a Childless Woman

In a society focused on families and mothers with children, do I dare not have regrets that I never had one? Am I allowed...

I Slept My Ex Out of My System

You might be wondering if the title means what it suggests. The answer is yes, I slept around with a plethora of men to...

Do You Have A Confession? We Want to Know

Letter from the Editor:Hello, WildOnes. I wanted to quickly introduce myself and officially present my pet project: A section in WildOne Forever called CONFESSIONS. ...

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