March into April Photoaday

Day 26 – Monday March 26 – Key
(from Anthro…it’s a bottle opener too)

Day 27 – Tuesday March 27 – Your Name
My name and nicknames from friends, wishing me happy birthday! Thanks everyone!

Day 28 – Wednesday March 28 – Trash
yeah I didn’t care to take a picture of my trash…and couldn’t think of anything clever instead.
Day 29 – Thursday March 29 – Feet
Watching Top Model

Day 30 – Friday March 30 – Toy
Day 31 – Saturday March 31 – Where you relax
I didn’t do the last two days because I wasn’t really around and was kinda busy 🙁 sorry!

So here is April’s Photoaday. Last month’s had a lot of kinda weird/boring ones, but this one looks better so we’ll try it for at least one more month 🙂 Gives me something to do everyday.

Day 1 – Sunday April 1 – Your Reflection
(in my fav new anorak from Anthro)


Jewelry Finds

I am a fiend for simple jewelry! I love it. Here are some of my favorite finds! The first three I found on Etsy, and the last two I found through

Luck Necklace by BeauandStella at Etsy
found here

Endless Knot, by echoandwild at Etsy
found here

Personalized Name Band by Monkiesalwayslook at Etsy
found here

Dragonfly Wing Ring by JesseDanger at Etsy
found here

Aldine Band by Bario-Neal
found here