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Healing From An Abusive Relationship. Will It Ever Get Better?

On healing from an abusive relationship...Being an adult in an abusive relationship is directly followed with feelings of guilt for "allowing it to happen,"...

What If I Never Find Love?

There was a point in my life when I asked this question aloud to trusted to friends, but mostly to my inner self. "What...

I’m Not Her Family Anymore

Sometimes it takes a death in the family to see who really is the glue that keeps us all together. The family nucleus that...

What Do You Do When You Royally Screw Up?

Oh man... When I screw up, I usually do a really good job of it. Hey, it happens. No one's perfect and mistakes are...

Confession of a Childless Woman

In a society focused on families and mothers with children, do I dare not have regrets that I never had one? Am I allowed...

Why Did She Call Me Meredith?

I love my mother but... Why in the world did she call me Meredith? I had actually touched on this strange decision my parents...

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