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My Husband Doesn’t Know I Was In A Lesbian Relationship

I met my husband, my love, at a time in my life when I felt I needed to start over. I reinvented myself and...

What If I Never Find Love?

There was a point in my life when I asked this question aloud to trusted to friends, but mostly to my inner self. "What...

She’s Dating an Asshole

This article is going to cover a complicated situation: you love your friend, but she’s dating an asshole. Someone that you know beyond a...

Maybe Dating Long Distance Isn’t So Bad?

Everyone says that dating long distance "sucks!!!" - But maybe it's better than nothing?

I’m Not Her Family Anymore

Sometimes it takes a death in the family to see who really is the glue that keeps us all together. The family nucleus that...

Forget What You Think You Know About Long-Term Love

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know. You’ve heard this shit before. Every other day someone is on one of your social media feeds screaming about...

Cobble, Innovative Decision-Making App for Couples, Debuts Summer 2020

Life for couples is about to get a lot easier, and a lot more exciting, with the release of Cobble, a new decision-making app to...

Why Being Single Is Awesome

Life has changed since the 1950s when a single woman over the age of 20 was considered an "old maid" so there is not...

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