Toronto Film Festival 2013

There were some great outfits at the Toronto Film Festival so I had to do a full post about it.

Olivia Wilde in ValentinoOlivia Wilde

Keira Knightley in Mary KatrantzouKeira Knightley

Felicity Jones in Erdemmain.original.466x530

Marion Cotillard in DiorMarion Cotillard

Dakota Fanning in VersaceDakota Fanning

Scarlett Johansson in Vivienne WestwoodScarlett Johansson

Mila Kunis in Burberry Prorsum.Mila Kunis

Taylor Swift in Calvin KleinTaylor Swift

The Avengers

So, I may have turned into a comic nerd because I think this is my favorite movie so far this year. I loved it! Such a great cast, lots of action, and of course, Robert Downey Jr.’s humor. (O, did I forget to mention that Thor is probably the hottest man on the planet…even though I guess he is supposed to be from another one? How did I not know about him before this? His name is Chris Hemsworth and he is going to be in Snow White and the Hunstmen…yay!)

Anyway, even if you don’t think you are into these types of movies you should go see this, because I loved it and thought it was hilarious! I would pay to go see this in the theatre again.

Everyone Wants to be Marilyn Monroe

There is no doubt that Marilyn Monroe is an icon. Throughout the years people have been copying her look over and over; the red lips, the platinum blonde, curly bob, and the massive amounts of diamonds…Lately everyone has been doing the Marilyn, whether it has been for movies, the red carpet, television, or for fun. 

Can you pick out the real Marilyns from the copy cats?