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Strength in Forgiveness

We all make good and bad choices in life. None of us are perfect, but most of us do try to set higher standards...

Get Over Your EX – OUT Emotion to INdifference

Get over your EX! Yeah, yeah. That's easier said than done, isn't it? Trust me, I've done it on more than one occasion but...

Stop Playing The “Shame Game”

Have you ever woke from a dream and felt intense guilt? This dreadful feeling that you have done something wrong? The feelings of remorse...

Living With PTSD

For most of my adult life I was living with PTSD but it wasn't until about ten years ago before I was finally diagnosed...

Regaining Our Power

I have been thinking a lot about the feeling of powerlessness and how to regain our power. Many of us feel the need to...

How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t

This book provides a guide to "14 Habits that are holding you back from happiness." Before I talk about the book, I have a confession...

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