2016 Outfit Recap

I am not going to lie to you, 2016 has been one of the worst years for me personally maybe ever…However, I’m going to spare you all of the annoying details, because this year by far my blog has taken off more than ever before. I got to work with so many new brands and people! I’m so grateful to have this as an outlet and it’s pretty much what keeps me going and sane. So I wanted to thank all of you for reading and giving me such positive feedback this year!

I always like to do a roundup of all my favorite posts at the end of the year, so here are some of my favorite looks! (Click on each photo to take you to the original post!) I’d love to hear what your favorite one was, so leave me a comment if you loved one of my posts, or tell me what you hope to see more of for next year!

I’ve also linked some of my favorite items of the year that are still available below as well!

January 2016Wild-One-Forever-Snow-and-Cluse-Watch-20-683x1024Wild-One-Forever-Wildfox-Fringe-Sweater-5-1024x683Wild-One-Forever-tan-free-people-sweater-nubotanik-3Wild-One-Forever-Brown-Loft-Sweater-10-683x1024Wild-One-Forever-Lace-Maggy-London-20-683x1024Wild-One-Forever-Pixie-Market-White-Eyelet-Dress-8-1024x683
















I hope you all had a fabulous year and an even better 2017!

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Kas New York ‘Esian’ Swim CoverUp

This could be the most beautiful coverup I have ever owned. The print is to die for and the kaftan sleeves and gathered waist gives it such a fun and feminine shape. I think this would be perfect for a cruise or a tropical vacation. Literally drooling over this.
Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 5Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 3Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 4Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 1Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 6Wild One Forever - Kas New York Esian Swim Coverup 2

Swim Coverup – c/o Kas New York; Swim Suit – L*Space (similar here); Shoes – Madewell (old – similar here and here); Necklace – c/o Color by Amber; Bracelets – c/o Lulu Dharma (similar here)

Photos: Peace Photo

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Tied Up with Kortni Jeane (plus some Laser Hair!)

Kortni Jeane has my heart. I probably get the most compliments on my swimwear whenever I wear one of hers! I love the ability to mix and match the different pieces and they are fabulous quality! I absolutely love them to death.

Also, get this necklace from Sara Marie Jewelry (or anything else in the shop) for 20% off using code: KRISTIN

But now I want to talk about one of my most favorite things that I am doing this year! Laser Hair Removal! I just started my treatments at Dr. Michael D. Marion’s office in Lehi, UT and am already so happy with it! I am doing my legs, underarms, and bikini area and I can already see that my hair is coming back in softer and slower! I will go in every six weeks for about 12 treatments or so, but each treatment for all of my areas is only about 25 minutes. That’s it! So incredibly worth it when I think about how long shaving takes every time I do it! I can’t wait to not have to spend so much time getting ready to wear a bathing suit…or just anything!

A lot of people have said they think it will hurt too much, but honestly it’s so fast and it’s not even bad. You get a little cold blast and then your skin feels hot for a second. Some people have said it feels like getting a rubber band snapped on your skin, but I don’t think it’s that painful at all! Plus, they can give you numbing cream if you really think it’s bad. Yes, some areas hurt more than others, but it’s such a quick little burst that you can handle it!

So I totally suggest going to start your treatments now so that by next summer you are most of the way to being hair free! I love the staff at Dr. Marion’s office and I highly recommend them! P.S. this is also where I did my cool sculpting treatment if you follow my instagram (@kristinrosedavis) or my snapchat (@krdavis33).

Hurry, go go go! What are you waiting for?
Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 7Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 18Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 4Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 9Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 11Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 16Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 6Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 14Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 3Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 17Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 5Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 12Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 10Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 15Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 1Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 13Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 8Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 19Wild One Forever - Tie Dye Kortni Jeane Swim 2

Swim Top – c/o Kortni Jeane; Swim Bottoms – c/o Kortni Jeane; Necklace – c/o Sara Marie Jewelry; Bracelets – Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani

Photos: Paige Nicolle Photo

Hair: H2Blow Dry Bar

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