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In the real world, it’s been four years since the release of The Dark Knight but in Gotham City, it’s been eight years since Batman took on responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent and disappeared from sight. Bruce Wayne has become a recluse and Wayne Enterprises is in such financial distress that Bruce has been removed from his seat on the board.

I can’t decide which of the Dark Knight movies I like the most. “The Dark Knight” was riveting because of Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. I like this one as well for the performances:

Christian Bale makes a good Bruce Wayne and a passable Batman. I have to say I don’t love the voice but I do love his portrayal of Bruce Wayne as a less-than perfect human being. And it is clear from the beginning of this movie that the suit still haunts him. And we’re not the only ones who know it., wildoneforever, wildone forever, The Dark Knight Rises, Entertainment

I was skeptical when I heard that Anne Hathaway was playing Catwoman, but I thought she was amazing. She was good at what she did and sexy without going overboard and becoming cartoonish. I am so used to her staring in romantic comedy roles, that her performance here was a pleasant surprise., wildoneforever, wildone forever, The Dark Knight Rises, Entertainment

Bane was an interesting villain. Tom Hardy is a versatile and talented actor. He was acclaimed for his role in Inception and I loved him in the Romantic Comedy, This Means War. He has a tough row to hoe in this follow-up to The Dark Knight because Bane has to avoid looking like a copy of the Joker. I have only two criticisms for him. First, every time he talks, he sounds as though he’s doing a Sean Connery impression. Second, whose bright idea was it to hide him behind that mask?, wildoneforever, wildone forever, The Dark Knight Rises, Entertainment

I think Gary Oldman is my favorite Commissioner Gorden. I realize he isn’t new to this movie but I like him just the same. Commissioner Gorder is the face of law and order in Gotham and I just wish he had more screen time.

Afred, played by Michael Caine, says to him early on, “Remember when you left Gotham? Before all this, before Batman? You were gone seven years. Seven years I waited, hoping that you wouldn’t come back.”

Oh, and before I forget, Sir Michael Caine is a perfect Alfred. You can tell that he cares about his employer as much as if he was his son.

I bet you thought I forgot Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake. I didn’t. I think he did an excellent job. But, I thought he was really wasted in this movie. They should have bitten the bullet and said, “This is Robin” or made it clear that he is not Robin. Either way could have worked.

Bottom line? This movie is a fitting finale to the trilogy that started with Batman Begins. So, until Batman’s next incarnation, embrace the Darkness.

Rated: PG-13

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Denise Warren
Denise Warren

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