Hlloween Costumes 2020

The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2020

Yes, it’s October again and it’s completely understandable if it crept up on you. After all, the last semblance of normal was back in January. The year is moving pretty darn quick. However, there is one benefit to the end of the year approaching and that is the day that both children and adults alike share excitement for. Halloween! Whether you’re in it for the tricks or the treats, dressing up is definitely a huge part of the fun, there will definitely be some particularly popular costumes that are just too good not to dress up as. Keep reading to find out what!

1. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin helped make quarantine a little more entertaining – and now you can revisit the Tiger King madness once again. Grab a partner and channel the duo with a baseball hat, mullet wig and fake tattoos for Joe and flowery top, long blonde wig and flower crown for Carole. Tigers, thankfully, are not included.

2. The Masked Singer

You don’t need to have to be able to sing to dress up as the Masked Singer – just quite a bit of creativity. Pay tribute to any of the show’s outrageous costumes, from a Steampunk Fox to poodle attire. Other options include pineapple apparel or an ode to T. Rex that would make Ken Jeong proud.

3. Alexander Hamilton

Tip your hat to Alexander Hamilton by dressing up as the founding father. You can find plenty of full-blown Hamilton costumes online or DIY options: just find a long blue jacket, tan shirt and pants, ruffled undershirt and tall boots. Side note: While in costume, it’s perfectly acceptable to sing and dance.

4. Quarantine couch potato

If you want to get super topical, you can channel what we’ve all become: quarantine couch potatoes. You’ll find a plethora of potato costumes online, and then all you’ll need is a face mask and remote control. The best part? When the holiday is over, you can stay in character. Bring on Netflix.

5. Mr. Rogers

Still feeling pretty emotional from your last viewing of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood? Pay tribute to Mr. Rogers by donning his signature red sweater, tie, button-up and khakis. You’ll also want to bring a puppet along with you and remind everyone to be a friendly neighbor.

Whatever you decide to dress up like this Halloween, put some creativity behind it. You’re sure to be a hit!

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