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Three Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own

If you and your partner have never gone into a toy shop and bought a vibrator, or anything really, then you are missing out! Going inside on your own can be fun to. No one watching over your shoulder to pick out that certain something. I believe sex toys can spice up your relationship. It can be quite fun actually.

If you are interested in going into a store for the first time, or even ordering one online, I have. few that evry woman should own.

Here is. list of 3 must haves.

1.) Fun In Bed

The Rabbit Deluxe Vibrator

The Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe Vibrator By Vibratex is intense and simple to use! New features include a new gearless drive system that offers even greater power and silent operation, an updated tickler motor for stronger, more satisfying oscillation and a new push-button control system. In addition, this new edition of the best seller offers 5 rotation patterns, 5 vibration patterns and 4 intensities – all of which can be controlled independently.  This is a ride that you and your partner can enjoy to satisfy you completely. A must have!

2.) Rock Your World

A Vibrating Cock Ring

Upgrade your sex play by adding intense sensations to the mix with this vibrating couple ring by Eden Fantasies. Let the ticklers adorned with a C-spot teaser fondle your clit with orgasmic vibrations while the ring keeps him rock-hard for hours on end. This will connect you both in a fabulous moment of intimacy that is a simultaneous orgasm.

Here are some highlights:

  • Super-powered bullet for strongest all-in-one multipurpose vibrating cock ring.
  • The bullet gives couples the versatility they want and the stimulation they crave.
  • Comfortable one-size-fits-all erection band gives him erection-enhancing power.
  • Raised pleasure ticklers come alive at the touch of a button to make you scream

3.) Drive You Crazy

Jeweled Heart Shaped Anal Plug

Introducing the jeweled heart shaped anal plug by Loveplugs. Even if you’re new to anal plugs you should try this because it really looks fabulous with the jewels. The intense play with this toy can drive you crazy. Try the plug with the vibrator at the same time and you can mix it up. It comes in different sizes so you can develop different styles of play. Try it and enjoy the heart shaped plug.

These 3 toys can bring you pleasure for endless moments. Remember to keep your toys clean and follow manufacturer’s suggestions for maintenance and care. Please enjoy!

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