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What A Woman Needs

A woman has a million roles – mother, lover, friend, colleague, sister, daughter – and it’s while wearing those hats that she needs to be strong, indestructible, loving, caring, bold and more. Society wants to tone her down so-to-speak. What society doesn’t realize, however, is that she also has needs. Everyone’s needs differ based on the individual and while many listed here can be argued against, I want to share with you 10 of my “non-negotiables.” 10 Things I’ve realized I cannot live without.

10 Non-Negotiables

1. Passion

What a woman needs to have in her life is passion! That sense of fulfillment that flows through a woman’s veins when she has something else to live for is reason enough to get out of bed, even when nothing else makes sense. When lovers break your heart, bosses are pricks, the weather sucks, and your neighbors scream louder than howler monkeys, there is something incredible about having control over your own life. Setting goals can be bigger than love, it’s about you having power and a sense of purpose. A woman needs a sense of purpose.

2. Friendship and Genuine Laughter

If you have friends that you cherish, never take them for granted. And I’m not talking about ‘friends’, I’m talking about FRIENDS. The kind of friends who know you inside and out, who accept you, support you, and show up at your door with wine when you’re having a shit day. What a woman needs is the kind of friend they can laugh with, uncontrollably; who they can act silly with, scream and sing out of the sunroof of your car with. Friends who will be there on the bright happy days, dark days, and the days covered in absolute shit.

3. Confidence

So many factors play into a woman having confidence. She needs to believe in herself because when life gets dark and no one else is around, she needs to be strong enough to pick herself up. The strength that she probably doesn’t realize she has. What a woman needs is to believe in herself, her abilities, and her existence. Watch your world get a little bit easier with a little more confidence on your side. Self Esteem is just that- esteem for one’s self.

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4. Her Own Space

Whether she has roommates, lives with her boyfriend or her entire family – what a woman needs is her space. She needs a place where she’s unattainable and completely out of reach from what society needs and expects of her. She needs an area in her home filled with her things and things that define her as individual. A place to quietly write or paint and not feel that she will be called upon by anyone else. A place she can turn to when she needs to touch base with who she is, when she gets lost in the thousand hats she wears every day.

5. Her Own Path

A woman needs her own path alongside the drive to get there. She can’t follow her lover’s path, her husband’s dreams, or what her parents have planned for her. This is the purpose for which she gets out of bed in the morning – her passion (#1) – a journey only meant for her to embark on. A path to a dream career; to self discovery; a path to the best version of herself. What a woman needs is a road meant for her and only her – one not judged or compromised by others.

6. To Be Recognized

Every woman has an innate craving to be admired, to be acknowledged and appreciated. What a woman needs is to be recognized, to be envied, to be approached, or to mentor others. To not be defined by what others think of her but to be acknowledged for how she has defined herself. True recognition for being her pure self. Not that she needs admiration to fulfill herself but to be admired and appreciated. We all need a little bit of that.

7. Energy

Energy, energy, energy!! Health, diet and fitness: three things that affect a woman’s confidence, mood, and overall drive. We don’t realize how important having energy is, especially when you’re masking it with sugar, caffeine, and/or alcohol. The truth is that every thing that affects your energy, affects your entire essence. A woman needs to feel good in her clothes; she needs to be happy, loving, and friendly. She needs to want to get out of bed to make her dreams come true. She needs the energy to be excited about life because without it, she’ll spend her day looking at the clock hoping for bedtime and dreading the morning when she has to do it all over again. A woman needs energy – she needs a love for life.

8. The Sun and Nature

Cabin fever is a tragic reality especially in these hard times. A woman needs to be able to roam at her leisure and not feel like a prisoner in her home or office. She needs to absorb the benefits of the sun’s rays and the calming effects of trees blowing in the wind. She needs a healthy complexion, to hear the sounds of birds chirping and to be able to jump into her car and go where ever she wants. To feel free and soak up the vitamin D. That’s true bliss.

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9. Love, Lust, Whatever

Whether a woman needs intimacy time, a great orgasm, or flirting with a complete stranger, a woman needs that contact. If she’s dating, she may need a promise for something more serious or maybe she just needs to have fun. A woman may need intimacy, connection, and companionship. She may need a partner between the sheets, an intellectual challenge, or a touch of danger.

10. Adventure

A good challenge and some adventure that pushes her out of her comfort zone; a woman needs adventure.  The thrill of doing something out of the norm and challenging herself to test her limits. What a woman needs is to be pushed into a situation where she can prove to herself that she is worthy, while have fun doing it.

Everything that a woman needs is really based on the individual; we all want and need different things. This is just a list of what this woman needs. What are your non-negotiables? Do you see anything on my list you could live without? What would you add or change? Please, share in the comments below.

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