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Working on ‘The Clay’ During My Walk – Health Challenge Day 2/30

One of the wonderful things about walking is the time to flesh out ideas, think, and focus on things that are ‘bothering’ you. When I speak about being ‘bothered’ I’m referring to the things that keep circling back into your consciousness; awakens your mind, or turns you on – not so much ‘bothered’ as in being irritated.

It’s only been a couple days past #iNDEEvent* and I’m still exhausted but I’m motivated and bothered by all of the projects and work that needs to be done. I’m bothered in a good way because this is when I feel the most energy and excitement to keep going. As tired as I feel, I could easily take a nap and no one would be the wiser – except for me.

You know what else gets ‘bothered’?


When you’re working with a piece of clay, you have to bother it a lot. Sometimes you pound the snot out of it; sometimes it just need to be massaged, and sometimes it needs proper tools to shape it into something. I am clay. YOU are clay. Our creative endeavors are all clay. Once there’s shape to it, it needs to harden, oftentimes through fire but sometimes it just needs to rest.

Who knew clay could be so profound?

Walk With Me

Perhaps you didn’t know this about me, but some time during this crazy year (2020), I tripped into the world of comic books and that community dragged me all the way in. I have completely embraced this world with open arms. I can do writing. That’s easy for me – but adding the element of scripting and the pursuit of art? That is new and I love it!

Now, I cannot take credit for the clay. In fact, I’ve borrowed the phrase from my friend C. Michael Lanning. In my short video, I talk about collaborating with him and shaping the clay of his ideas to develop it into prose.

He’s already got the ideas of the world he wants to draw and the skill to take pencil to paper. In truth, I love the challenge of shaping his ideas into dialogue then letting him run away with the art (action). What’s neat about that is the ability to revisit the text and tweak it based on what he’s drawn.

I recently learned that this is “The Marvel Way” of creating comics.

At nearly 50 years old, who knew I’d be embarking on this journey? If you had asked me even a year ago if I was going to make comics, I might have laughed in your face.

But here we are and I am surrounded by the proverbial clay.

Stay Uncomfortable, My Friends

Would it be strange to say that I’m better off when I’m on a learning curve or slightly uncomfortable in any given situation?


When I’m uncomfortable, I pay better attention. I ask questions and push myself to be better. On the flip side of that, I’m always my laziest when I’m comfortable. This is true in my creativity and it’s true with my health. When I’m comfortable with my body, I stop exercising. I know better but I keep doing it anyway.

Did you see how I segued back to health?

Progress Report

I feel like I’m a little slower today. Nothing really hurts but I’m a bit stiff.

Regardless, I did the 1 mile slow jog with a 0.5 mile walk and talk. When I got home, I cooled down with about a 20-minute stretch before showering. From there I popped 3 Advil, had my apple cider vinegar drink and got to work.

Every time I do this challenge I significantly reduce my coffee intake and drink more water. I suppose this is good for me except I really, REALLY love coffee.

That’s it! Hope you tune in tomorrow and if you’re on a health journey, please share your story with us! We’ll have this posted on our WildOne Forever Facebook page.


Featured image source: Meredith Loughran

* I am the Project Coordinator of iNDEEvent, an online networking and entertainment event through Geek Insider. If you identify as a GEEK, you should check it out.

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