Everyone Wants to be Marilyn Monroe

There is no doubt that Marilyn Monroe is an icon. Throughout the years people have been copying her look over and over; the red lips, the platinum blonde, curly bob, and the massive amounts of diamonds…Lately everyone has been doing the Marilyn, whether it has been for movies, the red carpet, television, or for fun. 

Can you pick out the real Marilyns from the copy cats?

How Old Are They?

What do Florence Welch, The Olsen Twins, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad and I have in common?

We’re all the same age!
Weird I know.
So I was reading in Glamour Magazine recently and came across a little thing about 25 year olds. And yes, for one more day that includes me. I thought it was interesting because some of them look so much older than they are (Florence and Lady Gaga) and some of them play high schoolers that are 10 years younger than they actually are.
So for your entertainment, here is a list of celebrities that are 25 as of 2011.
Florence Welch

Olsen Twins

Mischa Barton

Megan Fox

Lindsay Lohan

Leighton Meester

Lauren Conrad – she did turn 26 in Feb, but I figured it was close enough

Lady Gaga – her bday is the day after mine…so weird that I am older than Lady Gaga (by one day anyway)

Jessica Stroup

Heidi Montag

Amber Riley

Emmy Rossum

Warning…Shallowness ahead…

I’m not sure if any of you watched 90210 this week, but there was a scene when Naomi is facebook stalking the nerdy guy she secretly likes and Silver asks her what she’s doing. Naomi replies that sometimes when she needs to boost her self esteem she looks at nerds’ profiles. While, she was lying to hide her crush, I have to admit that sometimes I do this…with a little twist.

I did warn you…

Every now and again someone from high school will pop up on my facebook that makes me feel a lot better about myself. This happened to me today. Good timing with the 92010 episode huh?

Yes this is terrible and mean, but I’m just being honest. And if I can’t be honest on my own blog, where can I be? I’m pretty sure that people who read my blog (if anyone even does…I don’t blame you if you think I’m boring or not funny) are not the people that I am talking about right now anyway. Now I don’t go looking for these people to boost my self esteem the way Naomi said she does, but when it happens that’s just sort of the result. I’m also not talking about everyone from high school. Sometimes I see people and I’m like wow they look so good, or wow I can’t believe they are in law school…never would have imagined, etc. But…there are those people that you just think ohmigoodness I sort of feel sad for you. The ones who look terrible now, but used to be super cute. Or the one you thought would be super successful, but apparently have kind of become a little bit of a loser. I’m sorry I don’t know how else to put it. However it kind of makes me feel better about myself. It also makes me secretly feel a little good when it’s someone who thought they were “it” back then. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about…the ones who peaked in high school.

Maybe I had better grades in high school, or had sports and dance that I was a part of, was the homecoming queen…etc…but I like to think that I haven’t hit the peak of my life yet. I graduated from college and I’m still figuring out my life, but I’m young. At least I haven’t already ruined it and I like to think people hopefully don’t see my pictures and go, “O she looks awful.” So…at least from what people can tell from a small facebook stalk on my profile I hope it doesn’t look that way. And I definitely hope that I’m not about to “go downhill” anytime soon, or I guess I will be eating my words.

I may be blunt and I may not sound like the nicest person right now, but you don’t have to read my blog 🙂 I know you all secretly know what I’m talking about.