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Friday Five: Five Iconic Final Girls

We're back to continue our Halloween-themed lists with a focus not on films but character. Specifically, one of the most famous character types in all of horror: the final girl.

Taking It Like a Woman: The Power of ‘I’m Speaking’

By Katie Hackmeister “I’m speaking. Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking." During the VP debate earlier this...

Friday Five: Five Bloody Good Zom Coms

You may have noticed in our list of best horror-comedies there was a distinct lack of one type of horror villain: the zombie!

Cat gives woman a heart attack

It happened while my son and I were laughing. I always said I wanted to die laughing...

The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2020

Yes, it’s October again and it’s completely understandable if it crept up on you. After all, the last semblance of normal was...
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