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6 Ways to Create Happiness for Yourself

It’s time for some Tuesday Motivation because these days all too many of us are stuck in a rut and unhappy. There’s so much negativity that it can make it feel like everything, especially happiness, is out of reach and beyond our control. However, the reality is… you can create happiness yourself.

As someone who has muddled through full blown depression, I know the struggle that everyday life can present. I know there are times that you feel completely overwhelmed with unhappiness and believe it’s because of your surroundings. Personally, there are times where I have to remind myself that I’m the one who is in control, no matter what life throws my way or how others are acting towards me.

Even if you’re not suffering from clinical depression, with what’s going on in the world around us today, it’s super easy to feel depressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, and like you don’t have any control.

So depressed or not, here are some ways that you can create happiness for yourself.

6 Ways to Create Happiness in Your Life

1. Have a Purpose in Life

Give yourself something to strive for by having a purpose in life. This gives you a reason to get out of bed each morning ready to take on the world. As long as it’s something positive you can look forward to and live for, your personal purpose can be any number of things.

Over time, your purpose may even change and that’s perfectly fine. Perhaps you’ll start out with a purpose that is focused on social injustices, working against animal cruelty, or beautifying your neighborhood. Then down the road, your focus changes to personal health and fitness, being a Big Sister to a deserving young girl, or learning how to properly meditate. Find a purpose and use it as a way to fill your life and fulfill yourself.

2. Set Goals for Yourself

Having goals is slightly different from having a purpose in life. Goals are like mini-marathons while having a purpose is more of an overall blanket. When you have goals and reach them, happiness is inevitable.

However, I should preface this one with saying that it can be a double-edged sword. While you’ll generally be happier when you’re working your way towards completing a goal, it can also make you feel like it’s so far away that you’ll never be able to achieve it. To avoid this drawback, you should use smaller goals as stepping stones to work towards your bigger goals. This makes it easier to measure your progress and therefore, less chance at becoming discouraged because each small goal achieved is an outright accomplishment that you can easily track.

Make a Manifest

Make a physical list of the things that you want to happen. Changing careers, losing weight, relocating, whatever it is that you want to change. Then, start viewing that list as things you are going to make happen. Put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day so that it will remain front and center in your mind. This will help you consciously (and subconsciously) take the necessary steps to make them happen. Consistently reminding yourself that you’re going to make certain things happen will set you on the path to success.

Create a Gratitude List

One huge thing you have to understand is that happiness isn’t just about obtaining things, it’s also about being grateful for what you already have. Face it, most of us have basically been taught to want more and more pretty much our entire lives. But when we’re constantly thinking about the material things in life we want, it’s easy to be unhappy. So, instead of thinking about the material things in life that you want, take a moment every day to be grateful for what you already have.

When you wake up in the morning, make a list of things in your life that you’re grateful for. Sure, on some days it’s going to be harder to think of something positive, but there should always be at least a couple of things you can add. Even if it’s just for having a bed of your own, a car, and a roof over your head. There’s always something positive that you should be grateful for.

Whenever you feel frustrated by not having the material things you want in life or you’re discouraged for not accomplishing something, be grateful for what you have and the things you have accomplished. When you’re grateful, creating your own happiness is a lot easier..

Create a Vision Board

Take your manifest a step further and create a vision board of your goals. Sure, this may seem a bit cheesy, but when you’re face-to-face day in and day out with the things you want to make happen, it’s a very powerful motivator.

Place your vision board in an area you frequently spend time in (the fridge or bathroom are excellent spots) and take time every single day to look at it and picture yourself making those things happen.

Take Time to Laugh

As you’re likely already aware, whenever we laugh, or even genuinely smile, our bodies automatically release endorphins. What you may not know is that endorphins are chemicals produced by our bodies to relieve stress and pain. Couple this with the fact that they’re also a happiness booster, endorphins are frequently referred to as “feel-good” chemicals.

Taking time each and every day to smile and laugh is definitely a huge stepping stone in creating happiness for yourself. Now, I’m not saying that you have to force yourself to laugh or smile for no reason. However, one of the things I like to do is take a few minutes during my work breaks to scroll through some of my favorite comedic TikTok or Instagram accounts or watching a funny video on YouTube.

I’ll admit it, sometimes all it takes is a cute pet video to add a smile to my face.

When it comes to creating happiness, you have to remember that you attract what you put out into the Universe. Practice being positive whenever possible and you can manifest that happiness you are seeking.

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