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I’ve Got A Confession. Do you?

Normally a WildOne Forever confession is written and posted anonymously but this one is an exception because it’s really a call to action to a really cool section that gives voice to the things we might be thinking and don’t feel safe stating them aloud. Some of the confessions will be things we may have done or plan to do. Some confessions may be a little risqué.

In this edition of The Morning Nosh podcast I have an admission. It is not a full-blown, afraid-to-tell confession because I’ve previously stated it aloud but it’s not something that is easily said.

You ready for it?

Then here it is. I don’t always like my children.

There. I said it… again.

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Without giving the whole thing away, I’m just going to say that you can love someone with all your heart but you do not always have to like them.

My children, my spouse and my other family members know that I’m very vocal about this and they accept that I call out when they’re being a jerk. Conversely, I can admit when I’m being a jerk too. That’s okay. We all have those moments and we get past it because it was a forgivable moment.

In my house, especially when my children were very young, we had rules and laws. I’ll have to write about that in a future post but in a nutshell, rules could be bent, swayed or broken; laws were the end all be all. There is a distinction. My children could test those boundaries but inevitably they knew where those hard lines were drawn.

I mention that because like the distinction between rules and laws, love and like follow the same lines but they are not always synonymous. And that’s okay.

Have you got a confession and want to share it without worry of being outed? Then email me directly at I will review your story and, if it’s accepted, will post it on your behalf. For details about what we’re looking for, read the call to action and read through some of the other confessed submissions.

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