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The Great Panty Debate

Out of all the different types of panties out there you would think that this discussion is mute. But it isn’t. To wear panties or go commando is also a question. So many to choose from, but which one is right? Are they all healthy for the Vag? These are questions I wish to find an answer to. 

Just as it is proper to wear a strapless bra, is it also proper to don a thong? Crotchless panty? Lace bikini? Let’s try and hash out what’s going on in our underwear drawer.

What Are Some Different Types of Panties?

  1. Comfy Granny Panties (Cotton Briefs) These panties look soberly designed covering all important areas and having a high waist band. They look and feel extremely comfortable. The panty is well known as Granny Panties. These panties can be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts or just about anything comfortable. These are the tried and true panties we have in our drawer for those times of the month. Usually single bold or soft colors adorn this material. These comfy briefs allow the cotton to breathe. That is important.
  1. Bikinis These panties or usually cropped on the hip and fit snugly against the skin. My personal go-to. There is a narrow band that is connecting the triangular front to the back. Sometimes they can be string bikinis where the side bands are strings, or very thin elastic holding the triangle front and back together. These are full coverage on the hind end, unlike others. Depending on the material, these can serve their purpose. Wearing these tight panties full time do not let the area down town breathe too well.
  1. Boy Shorts Now these look a lot like boy brief shorts, but edgier. It has low waist, covers front and back body parts considerably well. Bottom edges end near upper thighs.The legs are short but stylish on our behind.  Probably not the best kind to wear full time because they do not let the Vag breathe.
  1. Thongs This style of panty usually looks very elegant because the panty is about three inches below the waist. Panty does not cover much at the back. However, the front is covered with a triangular patch. Sides of the panty are on the hip bone. There is usually a thin patch that rests inside the buttocks. It can be very uncomfortable to some. These let us breathe down there, but to have material constantly between the cheeks can trap nasty bacteria. I wouldn’t wear these full time.
  1. Sexy Lace Panties Now these panties usually come in a bikini shape , with elegant fabrics. Usually lace and floral, or deep rich colors. These sexy panties are used to entice a lover, or just make us feel sexier wearing them. Wear these sparingly and not all day because these too can keep you from getting enough free time.
  1. Edible panties Yummy! Edible lingerie came on the market in 1975 and has remained wildly popular (even if many do not admit they have sampled an edible undie or two).They bring new meaning to the phrase, “love bite.” These can be fun to surprise someone with, or just for love play. Some women can be allergic to certain materials used in making the panty, but otherwise play all you want.
  1. Crotchless Panties A good crotchless panty can keep you in tune with your lady parts, even if no one else will be, Its a panty shaped like a thong or bikini that has the crotch removed for easy access. This is not a new idea. Even Queen Elizabeth wore pantaloons that were crotchless for easy access to the privy! They can be very sexy, and easy to use. They also leave room for the air you ned to flow freely,
  1. G-String This panty is not much of a panty really. It covers the front with a small triangular piece of cloth. At the back, there is not much material covering the butt area at all, except a thin string. Front and back materials are directly joined to the small string waistband. Material sits in the area between the two cheeks. G string covers the bare minimum. Hardly any panty to speak of to restrict air to your Vagina The only problem is trapping bacteria on the string inside your butt cheeks
  1. Control Panties A must have for any woman trying to hold it in nice and snug, Control briefs are just that, meant to control your shape. Usually a girdle type feel with nylon on the waist, upper legs and thighs. These are considered short term panties. We should were them to work and take them straight off at hitting the door.

Should We Wear Any At All, Or Go Commando?

The number one reason you should go commando is that it’s, honestly, really comfortable. 

It’s just you, your vagina and your pants getting to know each other better, hanging out like old friends. Or you get to feel sexier with a long skirt and no panties. 

If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, gynecologists actually recommend you skip wearing underwear.If you can’t find it in you to ditch underwear during the day, try doing it at night.

Vaginas are already moist and hairy, so adding a layer of suffocation (in the form of underwear) can actually make things worse.

Besides, your lover will find it extra sexy to know you are not wearing any! Test it out.

Regardless of what style of panty you wear or size, just remember to air it out at night!

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