Things I wish I'd known in my 20's

10 Things I Wish I’d Known in My 20’s

I was watching Meredith’s recent interview with Annas Eskander on our brand new Wild One Forever YouTube channel and it sent me looking for some of the other interviews she’s done over at Geek Insider. While she’s had some great guests, one thing stood out to me most of all — her and her cohost always ask, “If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?”

The guests have all had some really great answers but of course it got me to thinking, what would I tell my younger self? And it can only be ONE thing? Pssshhh! If I’m already breaking the rules of time travel by talking to my younger self, then I’m going to be a Wild One all the way and not sticking to any rule limiting the amount of wisdom I can pass along.

While Meredith doesn’t stipulate what age our younger self is when we interact, I immediately thought about my 20’s. My teens were pretty darn fun but, like many of you can likely empathize with, I was a hot mess in my 20’s. So after giving it some thought, I crafted a list of 10 pieces of life wisdom that I’d definitely pass along.

Rules be damned 😛

I Wish I’d Known in My 20’s That…

1. Family Isn’t Always Your Blood Relatives

Sometimes, our families can be the most destructive people in, and to, our lives. It’s sad, but oh-so true. Contrary to popular belief, just because you’re related by blood does not mean that you have to put up with them. Your definition of Family doesn’t have to only include those that share DNA.

I’m sure many of you have friends that you’re closer with than you are with your siblings and parents. They are your family. It’s not a matter of the daily you are born with, it’s the family you choose that truly matters. Cherish them!

2. The Way You Treat Yourself Sets up How Others Will Treat You

Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Well, consider this the Platinum Rule — Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

You’re not a damn doormat, so don’t let anyone treat you like one! You’re a Wild One Forever with SO much to offer to the world, act like it and accept nothing less than what you know you deserve!

 3. Always Trust Your Gut Instincts

Trust that little voice in the back of your mind. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when something doesn’t seem just right. That’s your intuition talking to you and trust me, it’s right more often than not. Humans tend to think more with our hearts and we ignore our gut instincts all too often. Learn to trust that inner voice, it’ll tell you when something just feels wrong (or right!). Just remember, hindsight is always 20/20.

4. People Are ALWAYS Going to Talk. So Give Them Something GOOD to Say

This one can be interpreted in quite a few ways but in this instance, it’s more about controlling your impulses. Don’t do something today that your older self might have to try explain later. Just because you CAN do something scandalous, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

Now don’t get me wrong, your self-esteem shouldn’t depend on what other’s think or say, you just shouldn’t make yourself into cannon fodder either.

As my grandmother used to say – “wash your ass and dirty streaks won’t follow you around for life.”

5. Sex Doesn’t = Love

While I was an admitted slut in college, sex in my 20’s seemed to take on a whole new meaning. So, younger self, just because you’re getting naked, hot, and heavy with some great guy, doesn’t mean he loves you… or that you love him.

I wish I'd known in my 20's that sometimes... sex is just sex.

Sometimes sex is just sex. Horny and naked doesn’t equal intimacy. Never use sex in an attempt to win love, in the end it only leads to hurt feelings.

6. Nobody Owes You Anything

That’s right. As the old saying goes, there really is no such thing as a “free lunch” – everything in life has a cost.

There’s no law, privilege, or birthright that says when you get out on your own in the “real world,” that you are owed a thing. In fact, you’ll learn to appreciate life as well as love more when you work for the things you want. As well as what you want to keep.

So… get out there woman, get your hands dirty and blaze your own trail!

7. Whatever You Focus on, Good or Bad, You’ll Also Attract in Life

The Law of Attraction, Karma, whatever you want to call it – it’s not just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo or new age hoopla. It’s true!

If you’re grateful for the things you have in your life and think positive thoughts, the universe is going to give you more things to be grateful for and positive about.

It really is that simple. Start focusing on the positive today and you can start transforming your life.

8. No One Is Going to Save You

All too many romcoms have a plot line that involves a main character getting “saved” from their own mistakes. Someone happens to come along just in time to help them pick up the pieces of their shattered life and heart.

Face it lady, that’s just not reality.

In this case, life doesn’t imitate art. Be your own hero and saving grace. You only have yourself to blame for getting into the mess in the first place, so you’ll be all the wiser and better off when you dig yourself back out.

Speaking of starting over…

9. It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

Guess what? Life IS like a video game! Well, in one aspect at least. You can hit the reset button on your life at any time, and however many times you want.

When it comes to your life, you hold the power to look at the things in your life and say, “This isn’t what I want.”

If you try something and fail, so what! At least you tried. Take it as a lesson learned and start over again strong, wiser, and all the better for it! You’ve got this!

And probably the most important thing of all…

10. Follow Your Passions

Just about everyone has a passion inside them. Whether it’s to write, design, act, creating art, or chasing a particular career.


Having a passion for something and pursuing it is one of the true meanings of life.

Trust me, you don’t want to wake up in your 40’s or 50’s and realize that you should’ve been living your passion all along. Realizing that later in life is a bitter pill to swallow, and yes, I’m speaking from experience!

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” — Sir Richard Branson

So, if you’re in your twenties, or even your thirties, you’re now armed with the wisdom I would share with my younger self. Things that took me another couple of decades to learn… the hard way!

Now, get out there and make the rest of your life the absolute best!

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