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6 Ways to Enhance Your Aesthetic

By letting go of comparisons, we can show who we truly are and fulfill our aesthetics completely. In this article, we offer six ways to bring your aesthetic to life. Read on to discover how to use fashion, lifestyle, and authenticity to create an original aesthetic and shine like the star you are! 

1. Use Your Fashion 

To shine the spotlight on your aesthetic, begin incorporating components of fashion that showcase your personality accurately. You might find it helpful to start with a list of characteristics you feel best reflect your personality and, from there, select clothing items that reflect these traits. If you are tough and relaxed, you might be a leather and lace kind of person. If your values primarily reflect peace and justice, maybe you want to incorporate loose cloth fabrics to emphasize your inner call for freedom. It is all about recognizing who you are and how these traits can be embedded into the clothing you wear. 

2. Incorporate Your Accessories 

Aesthetics are also shaped by choosing the right accessory pieces for your style. The hairstyles, belts, bracelets, and other subtleties that accent an outfit or overall look create additional aesthetic value. You might go for a bold hair color or piece of jewelry to stand out. Accessories can extend to the bags you carry, the hats you wear, and the tattoos and piercings you might incorporate. Accessories are easy ways to find fashion elements that express who you are without confiding by someone else’s style. Look for unique pieces that best reflect who you are to answer your Aesthetic Questions. 


3. Make A Statement 

Aesthetics can also come down to one independent piece of clothing or one facial feature that you emphasize alone. Putting a focal point on your overall look can suggest a clear message of one of the most important Aesthetic Questions: what does your aesthetic ultimately convey about who you are? This might look like a smokey eye, a bold lip, or a unique boot. Sometimes, less is more, and you can get the message across of how you want to be perceived with only a few elements. 

4. Live Your Life 

The way you live your life can also influence your look and help you find your aesthetic. Suppose you’re going for the moody, broody look. In that case, you might want to consider reading in cafes, going to poetry readings, or attending other events that will introduce you to like-minded individuals who will appreciate your aesthetic. Finding people like you is another way to enhance your aesthetic. 

5. Carry Yourself with Confidence 

How you carry yourself ultimately plays the most significant role in enhancing your aesthetic. To answer your Aesthetic Questions, you need to bring your look to life. Just as models on the runway project attitudes that coincide with their looks, as individuals, we can enhance our aesthetics too by doing the same with our attitudes, values, beliefs, etc.  

6. Search for Inspiration 

If you’re unsure of how to answer your Aesthetic Questions in ways that match your personality, you can always look for inspiration from others. You can search the major fashion magazines online and look on Instagram for accounts that feature looks you’re interested in potentially pursuing. 

The Bottom Line 

Remember that your aesthetic should be showmanship of who you are as a person. Showcasing your personality by what you wear, how you act, and the activities you participate in are three critical aspects of enhancing your aesthetic. Remember not to compare yourself to others and take risks being authentically you! No one can represent you better than you, so go show them!

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