Stephanie Gamero

Stephanie Gamero
My name is Stephanie Paula Gamerro- Dela Trinidad. I was raised in the San Fernando Valley. I am a mother to an eight-year-old daughter named Arabella. I have been told plenty of times I am very outgoing and bubbly. I completed dental assisting school and have decided to return to school to get my associates In broadcasting. One thing that I would say makes me stand out from other people is the fact that I overcame addiction at a young age. I have gone through many traumatizing experiences but, I came on top!

Healing From An Abusive Relationship. Will It Ever Get Better?

On healing from an abusive relationship...Being an adult in an abusive relationship is directly followed with feelings of guilt for "allowing it to happen,"...

I love my mother but,

Sometimes, Moms need to know when to stop being a Mother and just be a friend.

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