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Healing From An Abusive Relationship. Will It Ever Get Better?

Healing From An Abusive Relationship. Will It Ever Get Better?

On healing from an abusive relationship…

Being an adult in an abusive relationship is directly followed with feelings of guilt for “allowing it to happen,” for “not knowing better,” and for “not being good enough for him/her to want to stop.”

These feelings begin to take control of the situation, blinding you from realizing that the issue does not lie with you, but with the abuser. You return to those same hands that you believe will no longer hurt you because, “you’re going to be better this time.”

When you finally have the strength to step away you might begin to feel lost, or confused, or empty, and even lonely. See, these emotions are all natural because what you just went through is real. This person really exists. It’s the same person who told you they loved you many times before.

Change your number, block his/her calls, and take a break from social media. Tighten up the ends to secure that this person can no longer get in your head…


The moment you realize that you had no part in what this person did to you, you will find INSTANT HEALING.

You need time away from someone to fully recover from the things that went on between the two of you. I am a domestic violence survivor. Four years later, I am a mother and wife whose life is full of love, positivity, my higher power, and insight due to experience. Paint your grey skies blue, and make sure to share your story so that other’s know that the abuse was never about them…

-Stephanie P Gamero

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My name is Stephanie Paula Gamerro- Dela Trinidad. I was raised in the San Fernando Valley. I am a mother to an eight-year-old daughter named Arabella. I have been told plenty of times I am very outgoing and bubbly. I completed dental assisting school and have decided to return to school to get my associates In broadcasting. One thing that I would say makes me stand out from other people is the fact that I overcame addiction at a young age. I have gone through many traumatizing experiences but, I came on top!


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